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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server ROU-100/A Romania 100 years, A (Red Section) 12/1/2018 9 Ongoing
Server ROU-100/B Romania 100 years, B (Yellow section) 12/1/2018 6 Ongoing
Server ROU-100/C Romania 100 years, C (Blue section) 12/1/2018 4 Ongoing
Server ROU-90 Romanian Chess Federation - 90 Years 10/25/2015 10 Pepene, Gheorghe
Server Nenciulescu A Silviu Nenciulescu Memorial A 4/20/2015 10 Morrow, Wolff
Server Nenciulescu B Silviu Nenciulescu Memorial B 4/20/2015 5 Dmitriev, Vladimir
Server Nenciulescu C Silviu Nenciulescu Memorial C 4/20/2015 Moisa, Lucian
Server MT-Demetriescu Theophil Demetriescu Memorial 4/30/2013 5 Pantazi, Adrian
Postal ROU/Stemate Anton Stemate Memorial 1/16/2012 Mircea, Florin
Server MT-Suta Mihai Suta Memorial 10/30/2011 3 Hauff, André
Server ROM/CSU10 CS UNIVERSITY CRAIOVA -10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY 6/27/2010 13 Moll, Reinhard
Server ROM-85/A Romanian Chess Federation 85 Years - Section A 3/25/2010 13 Oliveira, João Carlos de
Server ROM-85/B Romanian Chess Federation 85 Years - Section B 3/25/2010 4 Pinho, Joaquim Brandão de
Server MT-Costin Victor Costin Memorial 12/1/2008 3 Enescu, Constantin
Server MT-Sachetti Jules Sachetti Memorial 5/30/2008 3 Voiculescu, Costel
Server ROM-OTB-Match Romanian CC vs. OTB friendly match 4/2/2005 OTB; CC
Server ROM-80 Romanian Chess Federation - 80 Years 3/20/2005 11 Schön, Wolfram
Postal BIC/1 1. Balkan Invitational Championship 1/15/2004 6 Moise, Octavian
Postal MT-Diaconescu/A Paul Diaconescu Memorial Tournament A 1/15/2003 7 Krüger, Hilmar
Postal MT-Diaconescu/B Paul Diaconescu Memorial Tournament B 1/15/2003 4 Latronico, Nicola
Postal MT-Diaconescu/C Paul Diaconescu Memorial Tournament C 1/15/2003 1 Lakatos, Stefan
Postal MT-Diaconescu/D Paul Diaconescu Memorial Tournament D 1/15/2003 Campian, Cristian
Postal MT-Diaconescu/E Paul Diaconescu Memorial Tournament E 1/15/2003 Horvath, Marius

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