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5/16/2022: World Correspondence Chess Championship -- 2022 Cycle - Semi-Final
Tournament Announcement - Semi-Finals – 46th WCCC … Details

5/16/2022: 10th Chess 960 World Cup - Semifinals
All preliminary sections are now complete with the qualified players! … Details

5/15/2022: ICCF Extraordinary Congress (EC) – Results
... information on the latest Extraordinary Congress and the voting results. … Details

5/14/2022: Tournament Announcement for the 8th WebChess Open
Please review the tournament announcement for the 8th WebChess Open. … Details

5/14/2022: 9th Chess 960 World Cup
The Final starts on June, 5th - All the qualified players … Details

5/14/2022: 2022 WCCC Preliminaries
- started … Details

5/9/2022: CAPEA’s 50th Anniversary Open - Semifinal
- registrations no later than 1st June 2022 … Details

4/23/2022: Veterans World Cup 9 Final (VWC9) has finished
Veterans World Cup 9 Final (VWC9) … Details

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5/23/2022: 72. Finnish Championship, B-tournament was won by Saharinen, Petri

5/23/2022: Nol van't Riet Team Tournament SF 4 Board 6 was won by Borrelli, Salvatore; Castillo, Eric

5/23/2022: Wenzel, Andreas has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

5/22/2022: Girling, Clive F. has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

5/22/2022: WS/O/1441 started with 7 players

5/22/2022: BCCA Webserver Trio No.233 was won by Wood, Ben A.

5/22/2022: Hoppe, Arnold has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/22/2022: Krause, Christian has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

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 FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami (2628) GM Jan Židů (2605)
 SIM Heinrich Repp (2518) SIM Leonardo Guedes de Magalhães (2518)
 GM Pavel Sváček (2550) SIM Twan Burg (2566)
 IM Alexis Marrero Rodríguez (2457) IM Mariusz Maciej Broniek (2477)
 GM Jernej Šivic (2575) GM Alik Samulovich Zilberberg (2597)
 CCM George Wharam (2409) GM Raymond Boger (2529)
 SIM Dan Perry (2501) SIM Gordon Dunlop (2501)
 SIM Anton Čopar (2516) SIM Wolff Morrow (2506)
 GM Josef Mrkvička (2491) GM Jacques Kuiper (2471)
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