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3/26/2020: Dear Delegates and Officials,
As the Executive Board continues its discussions on how to accommodate the 2020 Congress, we have decided on the following: … Details

3/26/2020: IV Argentine Cup - 75° Anniversary
registration opens..... … Details

3/23/2020: ICCF - 2020 Congress Update
The ICCF 2020 Congress has been canceled. … Details

3/18/2020: ICCF Places Are Left For The Pablo Atars Tournament Starting In April 2020
starting soon … Details

3/15/2020: ICCF Postal Tournaments
Immediate Suspension of Reflection Time for All Postal Tournaments … Details

3/12/2020: 8th Chess 960 World Cup
All the preliminary sections are now complete with the qualified players! … Details

3/7/2020: World Correspondence Chess Championship 2020 Cycle:
semi-finals of the 44th WCCC … Details

2/23/2020: The 2020 WCCC Preliminaries (WCCC 44 PR) have been inserted on ICCF web-server.
Here are some highlights: … Details

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4/5/2020: WS/H/773 started with 7 players

4/5/2020: WS/O/1221 started with 7 players

4/5/2020: WZ Individual Championship Semifinals Group 15 started with 11 players

4/5/2020: WZ Promotion - Master Norm/10 started with 13 players

4/4/2020: European Server Championship 2018, Preliminary 3 was won by Sanna, Pietro Paolo

4/4/2020: ICCF Veterans World Cup 11 pr 4 was won by Veček, Marjan

4/4/2020: Nüsgen, Felix has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

4/4/2020: WS/O/1167 was won by Vishchipanov, Artem Sergeevich; Gomez Gimenez, Guillermo

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595)
 GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595) FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami
 SIM Lars Forslöf (2455) IM Alberto Pérez López (2435)
 GM Rafael Pierzak (2517) GM Jason Bokar (2527)
 GM Alfonsas Kupšys (2530) SIM Twan Burg (2568)
 GM Ian S. Brooks (2514) GM Peter L. Coleman (2607)
 SIM Andreas Brugger (2540) GM Jason Bokar (2526)
 SIM Heinrich Repp (2513) IM Gheorghe Pepene (2502)
 IM Alberto Pérez López (2435) SIM Lars Forslöf (2455)
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