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1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 d5



Židů, Jan2598Robson, Nigel2617Friendly match England vs Rest of Europe
Robson, Nigel2617Židů, Jan2598Friendly match England vs Rest of Europe
Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)2565Martín Clemente, Joel2623Germany-Spain Friendly Match 2017
Martín Clemente, Joel2623Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)2565Germany-Spain Friendly Match 2017
Hedlund, Tony2548Kujala, Auvo2635Finland-Sweden, server
Hall, Richard V. M.2596Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2575Friendly match England vs Rest of Europe
Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2575Hall, Richard V. M.2596Friendly match England vs Rest of Europe
Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2567Broß, Horst2580Germany-Bulgarien 2018
Broß, Horst2580Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2567Germany-Bulgarien 2018
Voll, Aleksey Borisovich2567Ostriker, Jon2567Russia - Zone 3 Friendly Match
Ostriker, Jon2567Voll, Aleksey Borisovich2567Russia - Zone 3 Friendly Match
Tleptsok, Ruslan Aslanovich2531Hall, Richard V. M.2603England-Russia 2016
Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2575Burg, Twan2555Bulgaria - Netherlands 2018
Burg, Twan2555Iotov, Valentin Dimitrov2575Bulgaria - Netherlands 2018
Oliveira, João Carlos de2585Hedlund, Tony2545Sweden-Rest of the World
Hedlund, Tony2545Oliveira, João Carlos de2585Sweden-Rest of the World
Sváček, Pavel2554Nefedov, Sergey Vladimirovich2561Russia - Rest of the World 2018
Siikaluoma, Auno2542Ostriker, Jon2565Finland - USA Friendly Match
Ostriker, Jon2565Siikaluoma, Auno2542Finland - USA Friendly Match
Busemann, Stephan2578Persson, Conny2519Sweden-Rest of the World

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