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2/5/2023: George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament Final
George Pyrich Memorial has ended … Details

1/25/2023: Rest of World Championship 2023, Candidates' Tournament
- description … Details

1/25/2023: Introducing the European and Rest of the World Championships
... under the Super Regional Tournament Commission (SRTC) … Details

12/31/2022: Revised TD Test 2023-01-01
is now live.... … Details

12/31/2022: ICCF - 2023 Message from the President
Warmest wishes to you and all those dear to you for an extremely healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. … Details

12/29/2022: European Individual Server Championship – Candidates' Tournament
The 2023 edition starts on the 20th of March … Details

12/29/2022: European Individual Webserver Championship 2023
Announcement … Details

12/29/2022: 12th Chess 960 World Cup
Announcement … Details

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2/5/2023: 8th Webchess Open Tournament prel 43 was won by Rawlings, Alan J. C.

2/5/2023: Kupa Bulgaria 2022 was won by Kirkov, Toshko Dimitrov; Dimitrov, Danail

2/5/2023: Nol van't Riet Team Tournament SF 2 was won by Philippines Tamaraw

2/5/2023: Nol van't Riet Team Tournament SF 2 Board 4 was won by Sandoval Mercado, Carlos

2/5/2023: 75° Campionato Italiano - Semifinale B was won by Catozzi, Mauro

2/5/2023: WSTT/GD - Grünfeld Defence, D80 Group 56 started with 5 players

2/5/2023: 25th Slovenia CC Final was won by Kavc, Andrej

2/5/2023: European Server Championship Open Round 530 started with 7 players

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 GM Pavel Sváček (2550) SIM Twan Burg (2566)
 GM Tim Murray (2560) GM Auvo Kujala (2633)
 GM Márcio Barbosa de Oliveira (2447) IM Alexis Marrero Rodríguez (2456)
 SIM Harry Ingersol (2417) IM Asko Havumäki (2405)
 GM Auvo Kujala (2633) GM Olita Rause (2684)
 IM Ian Jones (2414) CCM Djamel Zeghachov (2400)
 GM Jernej Šivic (2575) GM Alik Samulovich Zilberberg (2597)
 SIM Siniša Loinjak (2564) GM Jernej Šivic (2574)
 GM Jason Bokar (2517) SIM István Sinka (2583)
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