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7/27/2021: Open 75 Years German Correspondence Chess Federation (GER)
German Correspondence Chess Federation … Details

7/27/2021: Open Horst Rittner Memorial (GER)
Open Horst Rittner Memorial (GER) … Details

7/25/2021: XX Anniversary AEAC
XX Anniversary AEAC open and theme tournament … Details

7/21/2021: ICCF Virtual Congress 2021
further details … Details

7/15/2021: Champions League 2021-2023
frequently asked questions (FAQ) … Details

7/14/2021: Champions League 9 Announcement
we are ready for registrations! … Details

7/12/2021: Server Downtime - Updated
There may be some disruption to server availability on the morning of 13th July 2021 (server/UK time) as we transfer the server software to new hardware. … Details

7/11/2021: Champions League 2019A
the results are in ... … Details

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7/26/2021: WS/MN/A/23 started with 13 players

7/26/2021: Barclays Bank Chess Club 14 started with 7 players

7/26/2021: ICCF FM/3662 started with 2 players

7/26/2021: SCCA League Div 3 2021 Board 4 was won by White, Richard

7/26/2021: WS/O/1294 was won by Dreischang, Dieter

7/26/2021: Pinzón, Nataniel has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

7/26/2021: USCF/WS/21W34 started with 4 players

7/26/2021: BCCA Postal Championship Candidates A 2020/21 was won by Phillips, Peter Stephen

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More promotion games:
 SIM Kenneth M. Reinhart (2484) IM Gheorghe Pepene (2495)
 SIM Gino Franco Figlio (2476) SIM Carlos G. Pappier (2490)
 GM Roman Chytilek (2685) FIDE GM David Navara
 GM Jernej Šivic (2575) GM Alik Samulovich Zilberberg (2597)
 IM Carlos Salvador Marques (2453) IM Angel Hernandez (2452)
 GM Michiel P. Plomp (2554) GM Manuel Jesús Bescós Anzano (2540)
 SIM Anton Čopar (2516) SIM Wolff Morrow (2506)
 GM Jiří Dufek (2609) FIDE GM Peter Michalík
 FIDE GM Štěpán Žilka GM Pavel Sváček (2551)
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