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5/26/2019: The 2019 WCCC Semi-Finals (WCCC 43 SF) have been inserted on ICCF web-server.
Here are some highlights: … Details

5/21/2019: George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament
has started.... … Details

5/16/2019: Veterans World Cup 12
Update … Details

5/10/2019: Final of the 31st World Correspondence Chess Championship
The final of the 31st WCCC has been inserted on the web-server. The official start-date is, as previously announced, June 20th. … Details

5/5/2019: ICCF Games Archive
Games Archive update … Details

4/29/2019: Server downtime on Thursday 2nd May
The server and website will be unavailable for up to three hours from 09:00 Server Time (GMT) on the morning of Thursday 2nd May 2019. … Details

4/19/2019: ICCF World Cup 21 (webserver) final
starts 2019-06-30 with no end date … Details

4/11/2019: 8th ICCF Veterans’ World Cup Final (VWC)
has started … Details

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5/27/2019: Thomas, Tim has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/27/2019: BCCA Class 3 Trio No.72 was won by Rallabandi, Praveen Kumar

5/26/2019: 63. Polish Championship sf2 was won by Woźnica, Mirosław

5/26/2019: Pospelov, Sergey Lvovich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/26/2019: Höxter, Heinrich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/26/2019: WCCC43SF 8 started with 13 players

5/26/2019: WCCC43SF 7 started with 13 players

5/26/2019: WCCC43SF 6 started with 13 players

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 SIM Guillermo Santana Peñate (2515) GM Rafael Pierzak (2511)
 SIM Evgeny Vasilievich Lobanov (2512) SIM João de Aragão Seia (2460)
 GM J. Hans van Unen (2475) SIM Etienne Van Leeuwen (2484)
 IM Mariusz Maciej Broniek (2438) IM Richard M. van Tienhoven (2410)
 GM Fred Kunzelmann (2487) GM Sergey Konstantinovich Matyukhin (2504)
 SIM Sebastian Mauritsson (2507) IM Marko Coklin (2453)
 SIM Andrey Leonidovich Kochemasov (2540) GM Sergey Vladimirovich Nefedov (2561)
 LGM Dawn L. Williamson (2390) IM Sonny Colin (2431)
 SIM Igor Viktorovich Telepnev (2505) SIM Tőnu Talpak (2448)
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