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2/19/2019: 5th WebChess Open Final
After 2 years and 12 days from start (2017-02-07) the 5th Webchess Open Tournament Final ended (2019-02-19). … Details

2/17/2019: Delegate Sponsorship Scheme
Please note this solicitation for nominees and also to check the accuracy of my delegate e-mail distribution list. … Details

2/15/2019: 8th Chess 960 World Cup
Last call for registration! The deadline is the end of February. Try to win 500 Euro! … Details

2/1/2019: ICCF Games Archive
2019 January update … Details

1/27/2019: 6th WebChess Open Final
The Finals of the 6th WebChess Open have started … Details

1/10/2019: Server Maintenance
There will be a short interruption to server availability on the evening of Wednesday 16th January from 23:00 (UK time). … Details

1/5/2019: New Appointment - ICCF Free Match Organiser
IA Bianor de Oliveira Neves (BRA) new ICCF "Free Match" Organiser … Details

1/5/2019: New Appointment - ICCF Promotional Tournaments - Server
IA Ivan Anatolevich Panitevsky (RUS) new ICCF "Promotional Tournaments - Server" Organiser … Details

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2/23/2019: WSTT/KID - King's Indian Defence, E97 Group 32 was won by Frotscher, Thomas

2/23/2019: ICCF Aspirers Group 115 was won by Kudrya, Aleksey Grigorievich

2/23/2019: ICCF Veterans World Cup 10 pr 30 was won by Baranowski, Tadeusz

2/23/2019: BCCA Postal Championship 2017/18 Candidates C was won by Cunningham, Peter J.

2/23/2019: ICCF FM/3305 started with 2 players

2/23/2019: Thompson, Brian has achieved a norm for ICCF-IM!

2/23/2019: WS/M/726 started with 11 players

2/23/2019: Australian Four-Two 4241 started with 4 players

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 IM Mariusz Maciej Broniek (2438) IM Richard M. van Tienhoven (2410)
 GM Vladimir Dudyev (2570) GM Wolfgang Brodda (2586)
 LGM Dawn L. Williamson (2390) IM Sonny Colin (2431)
 SIM Sergey Aleksandrovich Pligin (2491) SIM Gino Franco Figlio (2487)
 GM Yoav Dothan (2539) Kurt W. Stein (2536)
 CCM Rudolf Cvak (2428) CCM Yosua Sitorus (2406)
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