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12/1/2016: ICCF Games archive
November 2016 update … Details

11/30/2016: Current Rating Period ends at 30/11/2016
Tournament Directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal and email tournaments. … Details

11/27/2016: 7th WebChess Open
ICCF is delighted to announce..... … Details

11/26/2016: Rating Forecast temporarily disabled
The ICCF Rating Forecast has been temporarily disabled … Details

11/19/2016: 4th Webchess Open Tournament - Final
is over! … Details

11/14/2016: 19th Africa Asia Zone Individual Championship Preliminaries
Announcement … Details

11/9/2016: 6th WebChessOpen Semi-Finals
6th WebChessOpen Semi-Finals Qualified and Eligible Player Details … Details

10/17/2016: Friendly match Poland versus Rest of Europe (webserver)
announcement … Details

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12/3/2016: ICCF Veterans World Cup 8 pr 32 was won by Khokhlov, Igor

12/3/2016: AEAC W/P/083 was won by Alascio Ruiz, José Antonio

12/3/2016: WSTT/7/15/Final - Sicilian, Breyer Var., B39 was won by Palladino, Mario

12/3/2016: Russian Rapid Cup 4, semifinal 3 was won by Starodubtsev, Vasily Petrovich

12/3/2016: European Server Championship Open Round 122 was won by de Mingo Matías, José Andrés

12/3/2016: Mercader Martínez, Juan Gustavo has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/3/2016: Woodard, Daniel S. has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/2/2016: 11. German Teamchampionchip 2. Bundesliga-1 Board 3 was won by Nyberg, Wilfred

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Promotion games
Dothan, Yoav Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo
GM Dothan, Yoav (2573)
GM Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo (2602)

Last move 30..Nd7

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Dothan, YoavLjubičić, Ing. Leonardo
Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)Persson, Conny
Turgut, TanselZilberberg, Alik Samulovich
Flacker, EdgarLjubičić, Ing. Leonardo
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