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12/7/2017: Server Unavailability
The ICCF webserver will be unavailable on Monday 11th December for up to three hours from 09:00 GMT, to facilitate a software update. … Details

12/1/2017: Current Rating Period ends at 30/11/2017
Tournament Directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal and email tournaments. … Details

11/27/2017: New World Zone update
New World Zone Update! News and Information! … Details

11/21/2017: World Cup 22 Preliminaries
are started! … Details

11/18/2017: Ladies WCCC Final # 11 and Semifinals # 12
have started … Details

11/1/2017: 20th Africa Asia Zone Championship Preliminaries
Announcement … Details

11/1/2017: ICCF Games archive
October 2017 update uploaded. … Details

10/10/2017: FINJUB-55 Jubilee
Last call for entries … Details

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12/10/2017: ICCF FM/3090 started with 2 players

12/10/2017: Odrov, Viktor Anatolievich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/10/2017: ICCF FM/3089 started with 2 players

12/10/2017: Khokhlov, Andrey Petrovich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/10/2017: Puzone, Mario has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/10/2017: WS/O/1041 started with 7 players

12/10/2017: SCCA League Div 2 2017 Board 4 was won by Price, Derek

12/10/2017: Poland-Panama 2017 started with 56 players on 28 boards

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Promotion games
Tleptsok, Ruslan Aslanovich Hall, Richard V. M.
SIM Tleptsok, Ruslan Aslanovich (2531)
GM Hall, Richard V. M. (2603)

Last move 28..Ra6

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Tleptsok, Ruslan AslanovichHall, Richard V. M.
Issler, ChristianBrodda, Wolfgang
Mahling, ThomasWalczak, Piotr
Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)Schmid, Pablo
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