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2/19/2017: Open International des 80 ans de l'AJEC
Tournament Announcement … Details

2/7/2017: New ICCF Delegate
for Germany … Details

2/5/2017: ICCF Games archive
2017 January published … Details

2/4/2017: Joop van Oosterom
† … Details

2/1/2017: The rating forecast feature has been enabled
The update to the ICCF ratings software, necessary to accommodate recent changes in the rating procedures, has now been completed; the 2017/2 Ratings List will be calculated according to the new procedures and we have now been able to re-enable the rating forecast feature. … Details

2/1/2017: 6th Chess 960 World Cup
Try to win 500 Euro + a full qualification for a World Championship Candidates … Details

1/26/2017: 5th WebChess Open Final
has started … Details

1/26/2017: 6th Webchess Open Semi Finals
have started … Details

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2/20/2017: DE 10th Webserver Anniversary pr 58 was won by Löffler, Werner

2/20/2017: Russian Championship (Quaterfinal-16-1) was won by Barkov, Kirill Gennadievich

2/19/2017: Bell, I. Wes has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

2/19/2017: WS/H/596 started with 7 players

2/19/2017: WS/M/628 started with 11 players

2/19/2017: Cvetnić, Vladimir has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

2/19/2017: 61. Polish Championship sf2 was won by Trzciński, Ireneusz

2/19/2017: AEAC W/A/136 was won by Ruiz, Miguel

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Promotion games
Ljubičić, Leonardo Horvat, Milan
GM Ljubičić, Leonardo (2602)
SIM Horvat, Milan (2460)

Last move 35..Rc8

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Ljubičić, LeonardoHorvat, Milan
Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)Persson, Conny
Turgut, TanselZilberberg, Alik Samulovich
Flacker, EdgarLjubičić, Leonardo
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