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7/26/2016: Veterans World Cup 9
Please remember that the closing date for entries is 1st August 2016. … Details

7/24/2016: The 9th European Team Championship Final has a winner...
Russia! … Details

7/23/2016: 3rd International Clergy Polish Correspondence Chess Championship
Regulations … Details

7/12/2016: European Individual Server Championship – Semi-Finals
2016 edition … Details

7/8/2016: Veterans World Cup 9
Please remember that the closing date for entries is 1st August 2016. … Details

7/6/2016: The Final of the 20th Olympiad (web-server)
has started! … Details

7/5/2016: Celebrating Independence Day
In Style! … Details

7/4/2016: XV Jubilee AEAC
Update … Details

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7/28/2016: Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

7/27/2016: 6th Webchess Open Tournament prel. 024 was won by Denisov, Timofey Victorovich

7/27/2016: RCCA 20 Years Open, Semifinal group 10 was won by Boldysh, Konstantin Sergeevich

7/27/2016: 10th European Team Championship - Semifinal 2 Board 1 was won by Bubir, Alex Nikolaevich

7/27/2016: ICCF Veterans World Cup 8 pr 46 was won by Pietrobono, Alfredo Manuel; Latas, Perica

7/26/2016: WS/M/535 was won by Fonteneau, Brice

7/26/2016: Russian Championship (Quaterfinal-16-3) started with 13 players

7/26/2016: USCF/WS/16WM17 started with 4 players

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Promotion games
Kribben, Dr. Matthias Langeveld, Ron A. H.
GM Kribben, Dr. Matthias (2653)
GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. (2687)

Last move 41.Ne1

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Kribben, Dr. MatthiasLangeveld, Ron A. H.
Langeveld, Ron A. H.Kribben, Dr. Matthias
Turgut, TanselZilberberg, Alik Samulovich
Neto, HorácioCornejo, Wálter
Flacker, EdgarLjubičić, Ing. Leonardo
Lehikoinen, PerttiSethuraman, S. P.
Oliveira, João Carlos deBlanco Gramajo, César Augusto
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