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5/19/2018: Veterans World Cup 11
Entries update … Details

5/7/2018: The Spanish Correspondence Chess Association is proud to announce the International Open Tournament XV Jubilee AEAC
Semifinals … Details

5/3/2018: Zone 4 Director
Election results … Details

5/1/2018: ICCF Games Archive
April update published … Details

4/20/2018: New Tournament Registration System Online
The new tournament registration system is now available and online. … Details

4/14/2018: Message from Catherine Pyrich
to the ICCF President … Details

4/12/2018: New Processes for Tournament Registration
On 19th April 2018, the ICCF webserver will be updated. This update will include significant changes in the way that registrations for events shown on the “New Events” page are processed. … Details

4/3/2018: 11th ICCF Veterans’ World Cup (VWC)
Announcement … Details

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5/24/2018: WS/O/1052 was won by Webbink, Alfred

5/23/2018: WS/O/1079 started with 7 players

5/23/2018: Kowalczyk, Ryszard has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

5/23/2018: Maliszewski, Grzegorz has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/23/2018: Wellen, Loyd has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

5/23/2018: Marbourg, Denny has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/23/2018: Natcor RGCT 33237/38 started with 2 players

5/23/2018: Vlasak, Reinhard has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

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