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7/30/2015: ICCF World Cup 21 (server)
Confirmed entries so far.... … Details

7/26/2015: ICCF World Cup 20 Webserver Semifinals
Announcement … Details

7/24/2015: Veterans World Cup 8 – entries close midnight UK time on 1st August 2015.
Don’t delay submitting your entry! … Details

7/23/2015: ICCF Congress 2015 Documents
For review … Details

7/22/2015: 10th Ladies’ Olympiad
has started … Details

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7/31/2015: S47109- 2014 Herbert W. Gustafson Memorial Open was won by Smith, Jason A.

7/30/2015: 28. Ukraine Championship First League group 2 started with 11 players

7/30/2015: NAPZ/WS/O/66 started with 7 players

7/30/2015: EU/WS/H/047 was won by Sherwood, Russell

7/30/2015: 6 DIP Veterans started with 8 players

7/30/2015: 31° Campionato Italiano Magistrale was won by Asigc1

7/30/2015: ICCF Aspirers Group 50 started with 7 players

7/30/2015: ICCF World Cup 20 pr53 was won by Persson, Conny

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Promotion games
Kribben, Dr. Matthias Langeveld, Ron A. H.
GM Kribben, Dr. Matthias (2653)
GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. (2687)

Last move 22..Nh4

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Kribben, Dr. MatthiasLangeveld, Ron A. H.
Langeveld, Ron A. H.Kribben, Dr. Matthias
Sasikiran, KrishnanKujala, Auvo
Kujala, AuvoSasikiran, Krishnan
Sethuraman, S. P.Lehikoinen, Pertti
Lehikoinen, PerttiSethuraman, S. P.
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