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9/9/2018: Ratinglist 2018/4 available
The new ratings valid from 01/10/2018 can now be found on the webserver … Details

8/30/2018: Current Rating Period ends at 31/08/2018
Tournament directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal and email tournaments. … Details

8/27/2018: ICCF 2018 Congress
Voting Summary … Details

8/25/2018: WCCC 38 Candidates’ Tournament has started!
The 2018 WCCC Candidates’ Tournament (WCCC 38 CT) has been inserted on ICCF web-server. … Details

8/7/2018: Veterans World Cup 11
has started! … Details

8/4/2018: Open des 80 ans de l'AJEC demi-finales
Open des 80 ans de l'AJEC demi-finales … Details

8/1/2018: SIM Mattia Mario Boccia (ITA) wins VWC 6!
Veterans World Cup Winner! … Details

7/29/2018: George Pyrich Memorial Tournaments
Update … Details

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9/23/2018: WS/O/1074 was won by Vieito Soria, Luis Mª

9/23/2018: European Server Championship 2016, Preliminary 11 was won by Pundak, Maksim Bogdanovich

9/23/2018: WS/H/620 was won by Sikorski, Roman

9/23/2018: WS/H/688 started with 7 players

9/23/2018: TORNEO POR EQUIPOS XV ANIVERSARIO AEAC-Silver Board 3 was won by Köhl, Rudolf

9/23/2018: Leben, Dušan has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

9/23/2018: ICCF FM/3220 started with 2 players

9/22/2018: Aragonés Cerezo, Gonzalo has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

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