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5/20/2015: 8th ICCF Veterans’ World Cup (VWC)
Announcement … Details

5/17/2015: WCCC 29 Final
has started … Details

4/29/2015: 3rd Chess 960 World Cup
All the preliminary sections are now completed with the qualified players! … Details

4/8/2015: Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Top players
– has ended! … Details

4/2/2015: Player's photographs April Prize draw winner
The winner of the prize draw for April is... … Details

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5/22/2015: WSTT/5/14/3 - Ruy Lopez-Bird Variation, C61 was won by Giesel, Mario

5/22/2015: Chess 960 - prel. 014 was won by Voveris, Saulius

5/22/2015: European Server Championship 2015, Preliminary 16 started with 11 players

5/22/2015: ICCF FM/2620 started with 2 players

5/21/2015: 2nd Thor Løvholt Team Tournament Semi-Final 3 was won by Germany

5/21/2015: 2nd Thor Løvholt Team Tournament Semi-Final 3 Board 5 was won by Pazderski, Ludwik

5/21/2015: WS/M/467 was won by Heer, Machiel de

5/21/2015: 10. German Teamchampionship 2. Bundesliga-3 Board 1 was won by Nickel, Reiner-Gert

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Promotion games
Kribben, Dr. Matthias Langeveld, Ron A. H.
GM Kribben, Dr. Matthias (2653)
GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. (2687)

Last move 16.a3

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Kribben, Dr. MatthiasLangeveld, Ron A. H.
Langeveld, Ron A. H.Kribben, Dr. Matthias
Sasikiran, KrishnanKujala, Auvo
Kujala, AuvoSasikiran, Krishnan
Sethuraman, S. P.Lehikoinen, Pertti
Lehikoinen, PerttiSethuraman, S. P.
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