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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server MT-van Oosterom Joop van Oosterom Memorial 9/30/2017 16 Ongoing
Server MT-Visser/A Hessel Visser Memorial/A 3/2/2015 1 Guidoni, Mathias
Server MT-Visser/B Hessel Visser Memorial/B 3/2/2015 Sherwood, Helen
Server MT-Visser/C Hessel Visser Memorial/C 3/2/2015 Cloës, Didier
Server MT-Geet/A GEET MEMORIAL A 2/1/2014 10 Straka, Zdeněk
Server MT-Geet/B GEET MEMORIAL B 2/1/2014 6 Merrheim, Xavier
Server MT-Geet/C GEET MEMORIAL C 2/1/2014 3 Pecka, Josef
Server MT-Perlo A Ger van Perlo Memorial A 12/30/2010 Czech Republic
Server MT-Perlo B Ger van Perlo Memorial B 12/30/2010 Germany B2
Server MT-Mostert/Team H J Mostert Memorial Team Match 11/19/2006
Server MT-Adler Joel Adler Memorial 3/28/2005 11 João, Névio; Williams, Christopher C.
Postal MT-Dicksmit Dick Smit Memorial 6/20/2000 Remmel, Tim

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