All games from European Server Championship 2016 Semi-Final 08 with status Finished


Grabner, HelmutWeber, Karlheinz White wins 3/27/2017 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenGrabner, Helmut Draw 11/17/2016 Go to game
Grabner, HelmutKolář, Pavel White wins 6/2/2017 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichGrabner, Helmut Black wins 9/15/2017 Go to game
Grabner, HelmutJørgensen, Brian Jørgen Draw 10/22/2016 Go to game
Marchisotti, MauroGrabner, Helmut Draw 10/29/2016 Go to game
Grabner, HelmutMirkowski, Piotr Draw 10/11/2016 Go to game
Bajt, DraženGrabner, Helmut White wins 4/30/2017 Go to game
Grabner, HelmutPetersons, Indulis Draw 5/14/2017 Go to game
Kevický, MartinGrabner, Helmut Draw 3/5/2017 Go to game
Grabner, HelmutAndersen, Jens Draw 3/1/2017 Go to game
Janisch, ManfredGrabner, Helmut Draw 2/24/2017 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzTiemann, Hagen Draw 12/30/2016 Go to game
Kolář, PavelWeber, Karlheinz Draw 9/10/2017 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich White wins 1/18/2018 Go to game
Jørgensen, Brian JørgenWeber, Karlheinz White wins 8/9/2017 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzMarchisotti, Mauro Draw 12/12/2016 Go to game
Mirkowski, PiotrWeber, Karlheinz Draw 12/26/2016 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzBajt, Dražen Draw 4/27/2017 Go to game
Petersons, IndulisWeber, Karlheinz Draw 12/31/2017 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzKevický, Martin Draw 3/4/2017 Go to game
Andersen, JensWeber, Karlheinz Draw 5/19/2017 Go to game
Weber, KarlheinzJanisch, Manfred Draw 12/16/2016 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenKolář, Pavel White wins 6/16/2017 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichTiemann, Hagen Draw 2/1/2017 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenJørgensen, Brian Jørgen Draw 2/15/2017 Go to game
Marchisotti, MauroTiemann, Hagen Draw 10/26/2016 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenMirkowski, Piotr Draw 10/19/2016 Go to game
Bajt, DraženTiemann, Hagen Draw 2/10/2017 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenPetersons, Indulis Draw 3/30/2017 Go to game
Kevický, MartinTiemann, Hagen Draw 4/26/2017 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenAndersen, Jens Draw 5/12/2017 Go to game
Janisch, ManfredTiemann, Hagen White wins 2/22/2017 Go to game
Kolář, PavelKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Black wins 6/2/2017 Go to game
Jørgensen, Brian JørgenKolář, Pavel White wins 9/10/2017 Go to game
Kolář, PavelMarchisotti, Mauro Draw 5/18/2017 Go to game
Mirkowski, PiotrKolář, Pavel Draw 4/23/2017 Go to game
Kolář, PavelBajt, Dražen Draw 5/1/2017 Go to game
Petersons, IndulisKolář, Pavel White wins 6/2/2017 Go to game
Kolář, PavelKevický, Martin Black wins 9/10/2017 Go to game
Andersen, JensKolář, Pavel Draw 7/21/2017 Go to game
Kolář, PavelJanisch, Manfred Black wins 6/12/2017 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichJørgensen, Brian Jørgen Draw 12/22/2016 Go to game
Marchisotti, MauroKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Draw 12/14/2016 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichMirkowski, Piotr Draw 12/1/2016 Go to game
Bajt, DraženKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Draw 2/10/2017 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichPetersons, Indulis White wins 1/18/2017 Go to game
Kevický, MartinKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Draw 1/24/2017 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichAndersen, Jens Draw 2/14/2017 Go to game
Janisch, ManfredKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Draw 2/16/2017 Go to game


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