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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Postal SCO/SCCA-21 Scottish CCA Bulletin 21. Anniversary 6/1/2001 3 Beecham, C. Richard
Postal SCO/SCCA-10/L 10 Years SCCA Magazin (Ladies) 6/1/1991 Možná, Eva
Postal SCO/SCCA-10/A 10 Years SCCA Magazin group A 6/1/1990 7 Fábri, Ferenc
Postal SCO/SCCA-10/B 10 Years SCCA Magazin group B 6/1/1990 4 Teichmeister, Sven
Postal SCO-100 Scottish Centenary 2/1/1984 Bryson, Douglas Marshall

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