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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server JPN/Hayakawa-12 12th Shigeo Hayakawa Memorial 3/31/2020 Ongoing
Server JPN/T202002 Training 202002 2/23/2020 Ongoing
Server JPN/C/pr22 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 22 2/9/2020 Ongoing
Server JPN/Colts/16 16th Colts Cup 12/1/2019 Ongoing
Server JPN/C/pr21 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 21 11/17/2019 Ongoing
Server JPN/WL027 Japan Web Ladder/027 8/11/2019 Kawashima, Ryouta
Server JPN/WL025 Japan Web Ladder/025 7/6/2019 Ongoing
Server JPN/WL026 Japan Web Ladder/026 7/6/2019 Ongoing
Server JPN/C/pr20 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 20 7/5/2019 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/Colts/15 15th Colts Cup 6/1/2019 Kanesaka, Ritsu
Server JPN/SC6 6th Japan Webserver Championship 3/31/2019 Schmidt, Loren R.
Server JPN/C/pr19 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 19 3/16/2019 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/WL024 Japan Web Ladder/024 12/29/2018 Takahashi, Yoshihiro
Server JPN/Colts/14 14th Colts Cup 12/1/2018 Saitou, Tomoe
Server JPN/C/pr18 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 18 11/18/2018 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/Colts/13 13th Colts Cup 6/1/2018 Saitou, Tomoe
Server JPN/WL023 Japan Web Ladder/023 5/20/2018 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/Hayakawa-10 10th Shigeo Hayakawa Memorial 3/31/2018 Schmidt, Loren R.
Postal JPN/C36 Japan CC Championship 36 3/31/2018 Ongoing
Server JPN/WL022 Japan Web Ladder/022 12/9/2017 Miyata, Kazunori; Itou, Shuusaku
Server JPN/C/pr17 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 17 12/9/2017 Tago, Shunnichi
Server JPN/Colts/12 12th Colts Cup 12/1/2017 Saitou, Tomoe
Server JPN/WL020 Japan Web Ladder/020 11/18/2017 Saitou, Atsushi
Server JPN/WL021 Japan Web Ladder/021 11/18/2017 Takahashi, Yoshihiro
Server JPN/WL019 Japan Web Ladder/019 10/21/2017 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/WL018 Japan Web Ladder/018 7/23/2017 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/Colts/11 11th Colts Cup 6/1/2017 Takahashi, Yoshihiro
Server JPN/C/pr16 Japan Webserver Championship - Preliminary 16 5/21/2017 Tanabe, Koumei
Server JPN/SC5 5th Japan Webserver Championship 3/31/2017 Saitou, Atsushi
Server JPN/T201702 Training 201702 3/20/2017 Saitou, Atsushi

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