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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server BLR/C16 16. Belarus Championship Final [25 years in ICCF] 12/15/2020 Ongoing
Postal BLR/C16/ch 16.Belarus Championship "Chance" 2/15/2020 Ongoing
Server BLR/C15/pr Preliminaries 15 Championship Belarus 1/1/2019 Korolev, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Server BLR/BL-5 Belarus-Blue Lakes-5 10/20/2018 7 Weldon, David J.
Server BLR/C15 15. Belarus Championship Final 10/15/2018 Ongoing
Postal BLR/C15/ch 15.Belarus Championship "Chance" 1/20/2018 Saevich, Yury Vladimirovich; Tolstik, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Server BLR/C14/pr Preliminaries 14 Championship Belarus 1/2/2017 Astroukh, Vitaly Sergeevich
Server BLR/BL-4 Belarus-Blue Lakes-4 11/15/2016 7 Martín Martín, Oscar; Osipov, Anatoly Vladimirovich
Server BLR/C14 14. Belarus Championship Final 10/1/2016 Bakulin, Yury Valentinovich
Postal BLR/Cup3 3. Cup Republic of Belarus 2/24/2016 Khodoskin, Dmitry Petrovich
Postal BLR/C13/ch 13.Belarus Championship "Chance" 1/20/2016 Sosenkov, Leonid Andreevich
Server BLR/C13/pr Preliminaries 13 Championship Belarus 1/2/2015 Bakulin, Yury Valentinovich
Server BLR/BL-3 Belarus-Blue Lakes-3 12/15/2014 7 Fečo, Ján
Server BLR/C13 13. Belarus Championship Final 9/10/2014 Malashenkov, Alexei
Postal BLR/Minsk/C6 6.Championship Minsk 4/20/2014 Bondarenko, Yury Igorevich
Postal BLR/C12/ch 12.Belarus Championship "Chance" 2/15/2014 Lemutov, Igor Leonidovich
Server BLR/BL-2 Belarus-Blue Lakes-2 11/1/2013 3 Malashenkov, Alexei
Postal BLR/Cup2 2. Cup Republic of Belarus 10/1/2013 Tolstik, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Server BLR/C12/pr Preliminaries 12 Championship Belarus 1/15/2013 Zhdanenia, Konstantin A.
Server BLR/C12 12. Belarus Championship Final 10/15/2012 Shetko, Leonid Vladimirovich
Postal BLR/Minsk/C5 5.Championship Minsk 4/15/2012 Bondarenko, Yury Igorevich
Postal BLR/C11/ch 11.Belarus Championship "Chance" 2/15/2012 Yanushevsky, Nikolay Gennadievich
Postal BLR/Cup1 1. Cup Republic of Belarus 8/1/2011 Lyamtsev, Valery Evgenevich
Server BLR/C11 11. Belarus Championship Final 1/15/2011 Blitsko, Boris Mikhailovich
Server BLR/BL Belarus-Blue Lakes 12/15/2010 6 Ivanov, Boris Vladimirovich
Server BLR/C11/pr Preliminaries 11 Championship Belarus 11/15/2010 Ulasevich, Sergei
Postal BLR/Minsk/C4 4.Championship Minsk 4/1/2010 Blitsko, Boris Mikhailovich
Postal BLR/C10/ch 10.Belarus Championship "Chance" 2/1/2010 Lemutov, Igor Leonidovich
Postal BLR/Minsk/C3 3. Championship Minsk 2/1/2009 Blitsko, Boris Mikhailovich
Postal BLR/C09/ch 9. Belarus Championship "Chance" 2/1/2009 Malkov, Alexey Borisovich

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