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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRating

1 750286 BLR Korolev, Alexandr Alexandrovich312516
2 750087 BLR SIM Blitsko, Boris Mikhailovich3092508
3 750227 BLR SIM Ulasevich, Sergei2132484
4 750242 BLR CCM Astroukh, Vitaly Sergeevich852478
5 750235 BLR SIM Malashenkov, Alexei3192477
6 750037 BLR GM Lybin, Dmitry Vitalievich1652456
7 750046 BLR SIM Shablinsky, Mikhail Ivanovich6102454
8 750186 BLR IM Shetko, Leonid Vladimirovich2922448
9 750229 BLR IM Osipov, Anatoly Vladimirovich3002441
10 471878 BLR IM Primakov, Vasily Victorovich2912434
11 750093 BLR IM Rynkevich, Sergey Anatolievich2882423
12 750251 BLR CCM Bakulin, Yury Valentinovich1282406
13 471926 BLR Bulgakov, Alexandr Ivanovich482400
14 750163 BLR CCM Lemutov, Igor Leonidovich3572399
15 750213 BLR CCM Agrafenin, Andrey Alexandrovich1212393
16 750083 BLR SIM Dubko, Vladislav Cheslavovich2232391
17 750089 BLR CCM Skvira, Ivan Mihhailovich4582383
18 750091 BLR CCM Visloguzov, Vadim Anatolievich3242383
19 750193 BLR CCM Moskalyov, Victor Mikhailovich2292381
20 750253 BLR LGM Kozenko, Tatyana Sergeevna1262360
21 759004 BLR CCM Shchemelev, Petr Petrovich2842357
22 750070 BLR CCM Yanushevsky, Nikolay Gennadievich1952355
23 149211 BLR CCM Krutous, Anatoly Igorevich4532342
24 750222 BLR CCE Bondarenko, Yury Igorevich2302334
25 750117 BLR CCE Dailido, Sergey Victorovich2992328


50 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 1/1/2021 to 3/31/2021.

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