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81204 GER GM Moll, Reinhard (2539)


We add GM Moll to the Hall of Fame due to his wide and varied success, not in the World Championships but in the very different and equally difficult in their own ways areas of the World Cups, Champions League and National Team Events


World Cups

World Cup XVIII (Diamond Jubilee) - Winner

World Cup XVII – 3rd Place

World Cup XIII – Winner

World Cup XIV 0 Winner

World Cup XIIE- Winner

World Cup XI – Winner


Champions League

CL2017 – Winner with Underdogs 2

CL2019 – 3rd Place Board 2


German National Team

Olympiad 20 – Winner (Board 4)

10th European Team Championship - Winner


IM 2006

SIM 2006

GM 2009

Holder of 9 GM Norms

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