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240618 ITA Tani, Gian-Maria (1835)


Gian – Maria has served as an official since 1974 in ASIGC and since 1977 in ICCF with an exceptional effort and success: his skills and expertise are legendary, and they are combined with being esteemed by officials and players as well

Currently Gian-Maria holds the position of Title Tournament Commissioner since the year 2011.

Gian-Maria’s career started in 1977 as TD in several groups of the 4th ICCF World Cup (preliminary, semifinal and final). Later Gian-Maria became TD for Thematic Tournaments (1978 – 85) and fort he WT/M Tournaments (1986 – 2000).

In addition to this Gian-Maria took over as Thematic Tournament Officer (1996 – 1998), as World (Postal) Tournament Officer (1999) and in 2011 as Title Tournaments Commissioner
In the period 1998 – 1999 and 2003 – 2010 Gian-Maria was the Zonal Director for Europe and member of the Executive board.

Furthermore, Gian-Maria was member of several important ICCF Commissions: the most important one is his membership in the Rules Commission in the nineties, which drafted the new ICCF Playing Rules (with Reg Gillman as chairman).

The following distinction were awarded to Gian-Maria so far:

1982 International Arbiter

1988 Bertl von Massow Silver Medal

1994 Bertl von Massow Gold Medal

2007 Honorary Member

2016 Lifetime Achievement

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