Panamerican Individual Championship 2013 - Final

Monday, March 27, 2017: Important news

After 4 years of play most players that have qualified to the Final are known.

The following table shows the current state of affairs:


Group # Name of winner ICCF ID Country Rating Title
1 Kyle Biedermann 514877 USA 2359  
3 Oliver Koo 515413 USA 2365  
4 Gino Figlio 400206 PER 2479 SIM
5 Alfredo Dutra 70640 BRA 2409 IM
6 Oliver Koo 515413 USA 2365  
7 César Reyes Maldonado 530083 VEN 2359 CCE
8 Jorge Victor Quiñones Borda 400267 PER 2385  
9 William Fuller 514688 USA 2440 IM
10 Bianor de Oliveira Neves 70484 BRA 2280  
11 Andrew Czerniawski 90684 CAN 2427  


As you may see, two unexpected events have occurred:


  • The tournament organizer (TO, Gino Figlio) has qualified to the Final where a cash prize of 1,200 US dollars is available
  • A player has won two separate Semifinal groups


To address the potential ethical issue of an organizer playing for a cash prize in his own event as well as to develop a procedure to determine the composition of the Final since only ten individual players will qualify, we contacted our Rules Commissioner Dennis Doren (USA) who in turn sent the consult to a group of members of the Rules Commission. They provided a few options and after brief discussion, the following decisions have been taken:


  1. The tournament organizer may play in the Final but will not receive any cash prizes. Should he win the tournament the prize will go to the second place player.
  2. The TD will be IA Juan Martello (ARG)
  3. The final will be composed by 13 players including the ten that will qualify from the Semifinals and another three players. These additional players will be the best second-place players after reviewing all semifinal groups.
  4. The main criteria to determine the best second-place players will be the total points obtained in their respective semifinal group. Should there be a tie in points, the tiebreaking procedure announced at the start of the semifinal stage will be used when applicable (the criteria of result between players will not be used because these players did not face each other).
  5. Specifically, the tie breaks will be determined in order by Baumbach rule (number of total wins), Sonneborn-Berger, number of wins with the black pieces and finally start rating (at the time when Final stage starts), giving preference to the player with the highest rating if all other criteria remain equal.


I want to thank the players for their enthusiasm, and also Dennis Doren and the Rules Commision for their valuable assistance.


Gino Figlio

Tournament Organizer

by lamarperu@gmail.com

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