New ICCF Delegate

Tuesday, February 7, 2017: for Germany

Uwe Staroske:

The period of office of Uwe Staroske as BdF President and as National Delegate to ICCF has come to an end because of elections. Uwe Staroske had decided not to be a candidate for a further period of the combined office of BdF President and National Delegate.

Uwe Staroske has been a very active contributor to the development and enhancement of correspondence chess and ICCF: He is a member of several ICCF Commissions and Committees and is active in different functions in ICCF. Moreover, Uwe was the chief organizer of the ICCF Congress 2016 in Bremen.  Fortunately, Uwe is going to continue all his activities in ICCF. ICCF wishes to thank Uwe Staroske for the excellent co-operation and the outstanding work and looks forward to continuing the co-operation!


Stephan Busemann:

Succeeding Dr. Uwe Staroske, Dr. Stephan Busemann was elected president of the German CC federation and is German ICCF delegate effective Jan 1, 2017. Stephan is 59 years old, and lives with his wife in Saarbrücken (South-West Germany). He is a research manager and associate head of department at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Stephan has been playing correspondence chess since 1974. In 1996 he earned the GM title. His most prominent successes were three gold medals with the German teams of the 12th, 14th and 17th Olympiad and, three years ago, the shared 1st place in the Witold Bielecki Memorial, which happened to be the strongest Invitational tournament for a long time. In his new assignment, Stephan is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with ICCF.

by dr.millstone@gmail.com

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