The rating forecast feature has been enabled

Wednesday, February 1, 2017: The update to the ICCF ratings software, necessary to accommodate recent changes in the rating procedures, has now been completed; the 2017/2 Ratings List will be calculated according to the new procedures and we have now been able to re-enable the rating forecast feature.

We have also updated the way the server handles adjudications following withdrawal due to death or serious injury, this is in response to changes in procedures agreed in Bremen; further details will be circulated to TDs and TOs by the Rules Commissioner.
For full details on all proposals agreed at the 2016 ICCF Congress in Bremen, Germany, please see the Congress minutes, which are now available online.  For further details, please contact your ICCF national federation delegate.
Austin Lockwood
ICCF Services Director


by sd@iccf.com

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