Open International des 80 ans de l'AJEC

Sunday, January 15, 2017: Tournament Announcement

* will start around may/june 2017

* all games will be rated and played on the webserver

* there will be 2 or 3 stages depending of the number of players

* Winners of each section (and best placed runner-up to fill vacancies) will qualify for the next stage

* registration from now to 31/03/2017 to laurent.tinture@sfr.fr

* fee 10€/group, either by paypal to bernardberriot@libertysurf.fr or money order to IBAN : FR61 20041 00001 0678721W020 18 – BIC (SWiFT) : PSSTFRPPPAR ; don't forget Name/ICCF id.

* There will be 15 players max in the Final and 13 players max during qualification rounds

* Time control will be 150 days/game without leave for qualification rounds and 200 days/game without leave during the Final - no duplication after 20 days but 40 days without a move or contact will be forfeited game.

* Prizes in the Final will be 700€ for first, 500€ for the second and 300€ for third. No tie break for the prizes, there will be equal share in this case (for exemple to players tie for first will share 1200€, 600€ each).

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