Friendly match Poland versus Rest of Europe (webserver)

Monday, October 17, 2016: announcement


Zone 1 – Europe

in association with the

Polish Correspondence Chess Federation


Friendly match Poland versus Rest of Europe (webserver)

22nd September 2016

Dear Delegates of ICCF Zone 1,

It is customary since the ICCF Congress 2010 to organize each year a match between one European country and Rest of Europe. This year a match Poland versus Rest of Europe is organized (see regulations below).

1. The match will be rated and played on ICCF webserver, the standard ICCF Playing Rules will apply. Time Control is 50 days for 10 moves.

2. Number of boards will be (at least) 60.

3. Any Zone 1 country (except for Poland) may nominate 1 player plus 2 backup players for the Rest of Europe Team. Deadline is 2016-11-15. In case a federation nominates less than 2 players, it is allowed to let players of another country to play on behalf of this federation.

4. Each player will play two games (one with White, one with Black) against her/his opponent on her/his board. If necessary, it is allowed that one player plays on 2 or more boards.

5. Start date is 2016-12-15.

6. Team Captains are SIM Wojciech Krzy┼╝anowski (Poland) and GM Artis Gaujens (Latvia, Rest of Europe). The Tournament Director will be IA Thomas Biedermann (USA).

8. Order of boards will be in accordance of ICCF ratings taken from up-to-date rating list.

9. Games will be seen live for team mates and team captains, and will be delayed by 5 moves for public.

We wish all participants many interesting games and new connections with CC friends in other countries, based on the spirit of friendship and the ICCF motto:


Marco Caressa

ICCF Zone 1 Director

Mariusz Wojnar

ICCF Delegate for Poland



Updated on 2016-10-18:

Players should send their entries to respective national federations. Nominees for Rest of Europe team (1 main + 2 backup) should be sent by national federations to  Artis Gaujens (artis@latnet.lv) as soon as possible, but not later than 2016-11-15.


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