The Preliminaries of the 21st Olympiad

Sunday, July 31, 2016: have started!

The Preliminaries of the 21st Olympiad (web-server) have been inserted on ICCF web-server.

50 National Federations entered their team.

There are 5 Sections, each with 10 teams.

The Sections have been assembled in a random way, with consideration of the strength of the teams.

The best two teams from each Section will qualify to the Final.

Here are some highlights:

- Official start-date: September 1, 2016

- TD: Sect. 1 and 2: I.A. Juan Alberto Martello (ARG); Sect. 3 and 4: I.A. Michael Millstone (USA); Sect. 5: IA Ian A. Pheby (ENG)

- 6 players in each team (i.e. 300 players for a total of 1350 games)

- Average ELO: from a minimum of 2364 (Sect. 1) to a maximum of 2394 (Sect. 3)

- Board 1: category from IX to X; board 2: category from VII to IX; board 3: category from VI to VII; board 4: category from IV to VI; board 5: category from II to V; board 6: category from K to IV

- 32 GM; 76 SIM; 49 IM; 1 LIM; 1 FIDE IM


Gian-Maria Tani

ICCF Title Tournament Commissioner


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