Monday, March 14, 2016: has now started!

DE10A received a total of 891 entries which have been split into 81 groups of 11 players.


The winner and runner-up of each Preliminary Group will qualify for the Semi-final stage of DE10A. The best three of the third placed players from all Preliminary Groups will also qualify for the Semi-final stage. No player may qualify for more than two Semi-final Groups.

ChessBase has kindly agreed to sponsor DE10A, and the winner of each Preliminary Group will also receive a prize of a 25 Euro ChessBase voucher. Ties will be split by normal tie-break rules (number of wins, then SB) if necessary to determine the winner of this prize.

Adjudication will take place if games are unfinished on 20th November 2017.


Good luck to everyone!


The ChessBase shop can be found at http://shop.chessbase.com/en/cat_root?ref=RF150-EMCHNRAD0M

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