Direct Entry 5 Webserver Anniversary Tournament

Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Announcement

Dear All,


With one game remaining (that will be allowed to finish to normal completion), I am happy to announce the completion of the Direct Entry 5 Webserver Anniversary Tournament.


As voted in the Krakow Congress, and passed unanimously (42-0), Proposal 7 was submitted which states, “Vote to Approve Increase in Higher Prize Levels as outlined in Section 3 of the FD report with the following provisions: (a) prize money is shared among players with equal points and (b) concerning the award of medals, the appropriate tiebreak rule applies.


Prize Money

Therefore, in terms of prize money, we have a tie for first and second place with SIM Francisco Azevedo Pessoa (POR) and Andrey Andreevich Terekhov (RUS), with 8,5 points each, sharing the first place prize of 450 € and second place prize of 330 €.  Each will receive 390 €.


Third place, with 8,0 points each is Mark F. Noble (NZL) and Thomas Williams (USA).  They will share the 3rd place prize of 220 €, each receiving 110 € each.


DE5A Trophy

Eligibility for the DE5A Trophy was decided by the published tie-break rule (Baumbach), and the winner of the trophy to be awarded at the 2016 ICCF Congress, with 4 wins is, SIM Francisco Azevedo Pessoa (POR).


This was an extremely hard fought tournament that began in April 2011.  My congratulations to all players and appreciation to our Tournament Organiser, Jean-Christophe Chazalette for conceiving and organizing such a great tournament.




Michael Millstone

ICCF General Secretary

ICCF International Arbiter and Tournament Director for the Final

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