2nd Interzonal Individual Tournament

Saturday, February 6, 2016: Announcement


SIM Everdinand Knol

138 Blom Street

0184 Silverton

South Africa


Announcement of the 2nd Interzonal Individual Tournament


Dear Correspondence Chess Friends



With the restructuring of zones as well as a few other unforeseen bureaucratic activities, now something of the past, we are ready to proceed with the second ICCF Interzonal Individual Tournament.


The details are as follows:


  • The purpose of this event is to develop the spirit of amici sumus among players worldwide (in all four ICCF Zones) and to provide opportunities to qualify for title norms.

  • Participants must have a fixed ICCF rating of between 2200 and 2375.

  • This event will start with a preliminary stage consisting of groups of 9 players each in categories 1 - 3.

  • The top three finishers of each group will qualify for the semi final stage in at least category 4.

  • To achieve this category some higher rated players will be invited to participate in the semi-finals.

  • The semi final will produce players for the final which will be at least a category 7.

  • Again some higher rated players will be invited to participate to achieve this category in the final.

  • This tournament is played on a two yearly basis.


  • Players must enter via their national delegates to their zonal directors who will decide which players are to represent the zone.


  • Entries must be forwarded to me by the zonal directors only!!


  • The quota per zone is 27 players to make the total divisible by 9.

  • Participation in this event is free.


The closing date for entries is 1 June 2016 and the tournament will start on 15 June 2016.


Thank you


Amici sumus

Dinand Knol

Tournament Organiser



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