Glen Shields

Sunday, August 30, 2015: In Memoriam

ICCF has lost a good chess friend with the death of Dr. Glen Shields on August 14, after a brief illness.  Glen was a member of the ICCF-US Board, our liaison to CCLA and Tournament Organizer for all CCLA events on the ICCF server.  Three years ago he volunteered to restart NAPZ Promotional events, and personally made them a success as TO.  He also volunteered as a TD.  As a player Glen’s rating was over 2400 and on the rise, and he was close to the IM title.
Glen had a strong interest in baseball and NHL hockey, many email chats with him about both over the years.  When he became ill in May we had several phone conversations, his spirit remaining  strong.  He is survived by his daughter Kristie and wife Patricia; we thank them for allowing us to honor him with the Glen Shields Memorial starting next March.  ICCF-US will be the sponsor, inviting his chess friends and NAPZ participants, those he worked so hard to support. 
Corky Schakel, ICCF-US

by gfiglio@bresnan.net

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