Tuesday, October 7, 2014: Chess 960 event: The second Match Russia – Rest of the World

  1. Team captains are Andrey Pavlikov (Russia) and Artis Gaujens, Latvia (Rest of the World).

  2. Tournament Director is Eric Ruch (France), IA, ICCF President.

  3. Each ICCF member federation (excluding Russia) may nominate 5 main players and any number of reserve players for the RoW team. Reserve players will be included in the RoW team if there is a lack of players from other countries.

  4. Number of boards (approximate 50) will be defined by the captains using list of applications recieved.

  5. Board order in each team is defined according to the classic rating list valid on October 1, 2014.

  6. Initial positions are different at each board. At each board two games are played, one with White pieces, one with Black pieces.

  7. Time control is 10 moves in 50 days. The games are rated in ICCF chess 960 rating system.

  8. The start date is December 1, 2014.

  9. There is no entry fee.

Nominations from national federations (excluding Russia) should be sent to Artis Gaujens (artis@latnet.lv) up to November, 15 2014, with a carbon copy to Andrey Pavlikov (pavlikovan1976@gmail.com).

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