Correspondence Chess meets two artists

Saturday, February 15, 2014: and they reply with paintings!

The american poet and painter E.E. Cummings wrote that when the doting and prodding fingers of scientists and philosophers questioned the Earth, forcing her to produce theories or gods, she replied simply with the Spring... a beautiful and full of hope weather change from the freezing and paralyzing winter.

How appropriate to see two artists engage in a correspondence chess match hosted by the BdF, where every move is followed by an artistic painting. This inspiring match is played by RoseMarie J. Pfortner and Helmut Toischer.

In an era of computers, scientific chess analysis and exponential complexity of variations these artists bring us back to the basics, the game as a conversation between two human beings, their emotions and personal visions of reality.

To follow the match you may visit the BdF webpage in german, or the following Google-translate version in english.

To view the paintings click on the chess notation displayed here.

I recommend you visit the artist webpages as well, for your convenience here are the english translations of RoseMarie's and Helmut's webpages.


Gino Figlio

ICCF webmaster

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