11th International Clergy Polish Correspondence Chess Championship

Sunday, June 16, 2024: - regulations

Warszawa, 16.06.2024



of the 11th International Clergy Polish Correspondence Chess Championship


1. Purpose:

  • To determine the Champion of Poland in correspondence chess among clergymen
  • To integrate clergy within common passion chess
  • To celebrate St Teresa of Avila, patroness of chess
  • To compete and gain chess rating benefits
  • To gain ICCF title norms, if available


2. Tournament Organizer

The Polish Correspondence Chess Commission of the Polish Chess Federation supported by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Drohiczyn is organising the tournament.


3. Period of play

The tournament will start on 15.09.2024 with end date 15.12.2025. Separate announcement will be issued.


4. Participation

This is invitational event and invited players participate in this event free of charge. Participants are clergymen from Poland and abroad. The organizer reserves the right to reject entry without giving a reason.


5. Playing system

This tournament is rated and it is supposed to be a single round robin event played by ICCF server. Maximum games played will not go beyond 12. The tournament can be Silli type (10 games) for more than 13 applications.


6. Time control and rules

Standard ICCF Rules apply.

The event will be rated with title norms, if possible. Time control - an incremental rate of play (initial time: 10 days per game plus increment: 1 move in 3 days with duplication after 20 days; 20 days leave per year, no special leave).

Linear conditionals can be entered. This tournament allows claims based on the 7-piece tablebase.


7. Tiebreaking

Standard tie-breaking will be used to determine the winner and place of tied players:

  • number of wins by each tied player in the tournament,
  • points evaluation by the Sonneborn-Berger-System,
  • results of the tied players against each other.


In case of Silli-like event tie-breaking will be adjusted accordingly and provided in separate announcement.


8. Prizes

Winner will receive title the 11th International Clergy Champion of Poland in correspondence chess.

Other prizes might be awarded, if applicable. Details will be provided in separate announcement.


9. Entries

Players may enter in the usual way through their National Federations.

Entries via National Federations should contain player’s name, living place, qualification background (diocese/ seminary/ order and the role performed in it), ICCF ID and should be forwarded by e-mail to Mariusz Wojnar, e-mail: mariusz.wojnar@gmail.com, to reach him before 31st August 2024.  It would be appreciated if Federations send entries “as received” and not delay them until closing date.

Registration will close on 31.08.2024 to allow for pairings.

The status of entries is presented on the tournament page.


10. Final arrangements

Arbiter of the event will be appointed by the Polish Correspondence Chess Commission of the Polish Chess Federation.

Interpretation of this regulations belongs to the organizer. Interpretation of playing rules belongs to arbiter (Tournament Director-TD).


ICCF Delegate for Poland

Tournament Organizer

(-) Mariusz Wojnar

Roman Catholic Diocese of Drohiczyn

(-) Fr. Krzysztof Domaraczeńko


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