World Correspondence Chess Championship 2024 Cycle:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024: Candidates‘ Tournament – 44th WCCC registration

Following the decisions of the ICCF Congress 2011, all Candidates‘ Tournament sections of the World Correspondence Chess Championship shall start on the same day and only once per year.

The start date of the Candidates‘ Tournament of the 44th WCCC is September 20, 2024.

All entries will be accepted according with ICCF Tournament Rules valid as from January 1, 2024, to be received not later than August 18, 2024.

Candidates‘ Tournament sections normally have 13 players with the possibility for the TTC to extend them to 15 or 17 players if appropriate in special situations.

Players entering more than one section will be accepted only to fill vacancies.

Normally, no more than four Candidates‘ Tournament sections are started each year with 1st and 2nd qualifying for a Final. However additional sections may be started at the discretion of the TTC. In this situation, the number of qualifiers for the Final may be reduced from two to one.

If the number of the entries won’t be a multiple of 13, 15 or 17, sections will be fullfilled with the players who ask to enter the Candidates‘ Tournament according Rule; if it would again impossible to fullfill a section, the players who have been entered according to point and who have the lowest ICCF ELO in the rating list 2024/3 won’t be admitted to the 2024 Candidates‘ Tournament.

Entries have to be sent through the „New events“ page of www.iccf.com. The entry fee can be paid via Direct Entry or via the player’s National Federation. It is mandatory that the qualification right under Tournament Rules should be specified for each entry.

Players who obtained their qualification in a WCCC Semi-Final can enter a section of the Candidates‘ Tournament free of charge.

Entries of „reserve players“ (ICCF Rule have to be sent by e-mail to the TTC via the player’s National Federation.

Players who are not currently represented by any National Federation can contact the TTC directly.

The ICCF Executive Board requests all ICCF Delegates to ensure that this important information is made available in all national CC magazines and websites. It is the Delegates' responsibility to ensure that all their players are aware of this information.

Any questions and/or requests for clarification should be addressed to the ICCF Title Tournament Commissioner, Gian-Maria Tani, g.m.tani.iccf@gmail.com.


Torino, June 18, 2024


Section of the ICCF Rules - Candidates‘ Tournament


1. The following will be entitled to enter the WCCC Candidates' Tournament:

(a) the participants of one of the previous or running Finals who scored at least 50% of the possible points if they have not earned a higher qualification.

(b) the participants in one of the previous or running Candidates' Tournaments who finished in place 2 (in the exceptional event of only one qualifying place for the Final being available), 3 or 4 or scored at least 60% of the possible points but did not qualify for the Final.

(c) the first and second placed players in every Semi-Final group. (**)

(d) the first and second placed players in a Final of the ICCF World Cup Tournament. (This does not include the ICCF Veterans World Cup or Chess 960 World Cup or World Team Cup Tournaments.)

(e) the first and second placed players from the acknowledged Zonal Championships of tournament average rating at 2451 or higher and who scored more than 50% of possible points.

(f) all previous World Correspondence Chess Champions.

(g) the holders of the Grandmaster Title with at least 5 Grandmaster norms.

(h) those players who have a fixed rating of 2600 (*) and above.


3. Any player with a fixed rating of 2500 or above (*) can ask to enter a WCCC Candidates‘ Tournament section.  The highest rated players will be accepted only to fill a section if the number of the entries won’t be a muliple or 13, 15 or 17. (***)


(*)  ELO ratings used in these Rules refer to any of those rating lists that were first published during the 12 months preceding the start of the tournament (ICCF Rule

(**) Entries under (c) are free of charge and must be sent via NF.

(***) Requests of „reserve players“ have to be sent by e-mail via NF.

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