Chessify to sponsor ICCF Champion’s League Events

Tuesday, January 30, 2024: ICCF is happy to announce that we have formed an agreement with Chessify to sponsor the Champion’s League tournament.

Chessify to sponsor ICCF Champion’s League Events

ICCF is happy to announce that we have formed an agreement with Chessify to sponsor the Champion’s League tournament. Chessify has agreed to support the Champion’s League with an award package worth $5000 which will be given in the form of Chessify packages and coins. To learn more about Chessify, please see below (and don’t miss the extra benefits to ICCF players explained below)! 

An award will be given to the top 3 teams at the end of the cycle. The exact split in the award will be announced shortly.

What Is Chessify?

Chessify is a cloud platform for enhanced chess analysis and training. It is best known for its powerful, up to 1000 MN/s speed, cloud servers, which have earned it recognition from FIDE as the No. 1 cloud service for chess engine analysis. Alongside cloud analysis, the Chessify website offers a range of essential preparation tools, including chess databases and cloud storage.


Who Is Chessify For?

Chessify is designed for chess players of all skill levels, but it's the professionals who benefit most from the speed of our cloud servers. The world's top grandmasters, including our brand ambassadors Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and Levon Aronian, regularly use Chessify for their game preparation. Both classical and correspondence chess players make up a significant portion of Chessify's user base.


How Can A Correspondence Chess Player Benefit From Chessify?

For professional correspondence chess players, having access to deep and accurate engine analysis is crucial. Chessify offers the most powerful engine analysis available in the chess market, and it does so without requiring you to have high-end hardware.


The core of our advanced analysis is its cloud-based Stockfish engine capable of processing up to 1 billion positions per second (1 BN/s speed). This means Chessify will not only enhance the accuracy of the analysis but also significantly reduce the time needed to obtain reliable results. Rather than spending hours analyzing a single position, you can go through multiple variations in a matter of minutes and achieve better results. For a practical illustration of this capability, take a look at our speed experiment (note: this was conducted with an earlier version of Stockfish).


Another key advantage that comes with using Chessify is its cloud-based accessibility. With our web platform, you can access the fastest cloud servers from anywhere - be it via your phone, tablet, or laptop - eliminating the need for carrying around specialized hardware. This mobility can be particularly beneficial if you want to play correspondence chess while traveling.

@How to Analyze with Cloud Chess Engines on Chessify


While Chessify's cloud analysis can be integrated with different GUI chess programs, they can also be used on Chessify's web platform directly. The platform offers additional chess features essential for comprehensive preparation, including a Mega database with over 9 million games updated weekly and unlimited cloud storage for your games and personal databases. Discover all of Chessify's features here.


Do ICCF Players Get Any Benefits?

As part of the collaboration with ICCF, Chessify is happy to provide a special 20% discount for all correspondence chess players. Simply use the promo code ICCF at the checkout to save 20% on your first purchase. Contact info@chessify.me if you need help.


The Full List Of Chessify Cloud Servers And Engines.

(Not part of the content: Google Drive link to download image of the list)

What Environment Can You Use Chessify Cloud Servers In?

Alongside the website platform, Chessify also has a plugin that grants access to all of our cloud servers and engines. The plugin can be downloaded and installed on GUI chess programs for Windows, such as Chessbase, Fritz, SCID, Aquarium, and HIARCS.


What Is The Difference Between Chessify Cloud And Chessbase Public Cloud?

The primary differences between ChessBase Public Cloud and Chessify Cloud lie in server power and security. Chessify Cloud leads in the market with server speeds up to 1000 MN/s (1BN/s). In contrast, ChessBase Cloud's highest Stockfish speed reaches about 350 MN/s.


In terms of security, Chessify ensures complete security and confidentiality of your analyses with its SSL-certified connections. We also use servers from big cloud providers like Oracle and Google, offering an added layer of security. In comparison, the ChessBase Public Cloud's model allows any user to offer a server and potentially see your analyses on it.


Lastly, Chessify's accessibility is a notable advantage. Unlike ChessBase Public Cloud, which is limited to the ChessBase and Fritz programs, Chessify's cloud engines are adaptable to various environments and can be accessed through a plugin or directly on our website.


For a more detailed comparison, you can refer to this blog.


Where Can You Find More Information And Contact Chessify For Assistance?

You may find full information about Chessify on our official website. Here are some helpful links:


The list of Chessify features and benefits

Instructions for installing the Chessify Plugin

Tutorials on how to use the Chessify web platform


We highly recommend our users to join the Chessify Discord server for quick customer support. We have a very helpful community and a special channel dedicated to correspondence chess, where you can interact with colleagues.

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