ICCF Champions League 10 (2024-2026)

Thursday, September 21, 2023: Frequently Asked Questions




Champions League 10 (2024-2026)

Frequently Asked Questions





1.1 What is the ICCF Champions League?

The ICCF Champions League (ICCF-CL) is a correspondence chess team tournament played in biennial cycle seasons.

The teams are divided into three divisions: A Division, B Division and C Division.

Teams can be promoted or relegated at the end of each season.

All matches played in the ICCF-CL are rated.


1.2 Who organizes and directs the ICCF-CL?

The ICCF-CL is organized by and under the authority of the Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner (NTTC).

A team of Tournament Directors (TDs) manages the running of the tournament.


1.3 Who can participate in the ICCF-CL?

Teams made up of 4 players, who do not necessarily have to come from the same country, participate in the ICCF-CL.

It is possible to have teams with players of several nationalities.

All players must be registered on the ICCF web server.

New players should first register with ICCF before joining a team.

No player may play for more than one team in a season, even if in different divisions.

It is the responsibility of the players to find or form a team.

It is not necessary to be a member of a National Federation to play in the ICCF-CL unless such membership is required by the player’s National Federation.





2.1 Does each team have a name? Which?

Each team must have a name, preferably related to CC or chess in general, and always in good taste. The team name could be in any language, including numbers, but no signs, except ! $ % & = ?


2.2 Does every team need a Captain?

Each team must have a Team Captain (TC), who is not required to be a team member.

A person may fill the role of TC for more than one team, provided they play in different divisions.

Additionally, a TC may also play for another team that he is not the TC of, provided the two teams are not playing in the same division.


2.3 Who owns the team and the team name?

The owner of a team is either the individual or institution: (chess club (OTB or CC), magazine or association) that funds the team, the owner has the rights on the organisation of the team (Team Captain, Players, Board order, Player payments and potential team name changes).



2.4 I didn't have a team in the previous season. How can I play this season?

A player who has not participated in the previous season of the CL can participate in this edition in a newly formed team or by replacing a player in a team who participated in the previous season.


2.5 Can a team that did not participate in the previous season participate in the 2024-2026 season?

New teams can enter CL at the start of each new season.

For the 2024-2026 season, teams that have not played in the previous season will play in the Division C.


2.6 Can the team name be changed? And when?

A team can change its name between seasons. The old and the new name must be communicated when the team is registered.


2.7 Can players be replaced in a team?

A team is permitted to replace players during and between the seasons.

The number of replaced players is limited only to the following rule: If all the four players in a team are changed within two seasons, then the team will normally be relegated to a lower division. Exceptions to this rule are possible at the discretion of the Non-Title Tournament Commissioner.


2.8 Can players transfer from one team to another?

Players can only transfer from a team to another at the start of each season.

A player does not need TC approval to leave a team.

If a TC transfers, he must pass office to another person, unless he agrees to continue serving as a TC.





3.1 When can team entries be sent?

Entries to CL 10 must be sent from 01/10/2023 to 31/12/2023.

Entries are open to active teams, new teams and inactive teams.

Important! All entries (even those sent via NF) must be sent via the server, not directly to the TO.


3.2 How much is the entry fee for a team?

Entries for Champions League teams can be made via the ICCF Direct Entry system or via National Federation.

The entry fee is 24,00 Euros per team via Direct Entry; please contact your national federation delegates for the national fee.

Please note that only one payment will be accepted for the entire team. Payments from individual players will not be accepted and returned.


3.3 How will the 2024-2026 season be played?

The games will be played on the ICCF server. Playing via email or post will not be allowed.


3.4 Will there be live replays of games on the ICCF server?

There will be no live replay of ongoing games. The public can only see the games when they are finished and at least 10 games have finished in the group.

The team captains and teammates on other boards are to be able to view games without any move delay or games completed.


3.5 When is the tournament start date?

The start of the 2024-2026 season is scheduled for 01/02/2024.


3.6 What are the playing rules of this tournament?

The playing rules for ICCF-CL are the ICCF game rules for webserver team tournaments. There will be a Triple Block (TriBl) time control system.

Duration of the Tournament: 700 days (about 2 years); Initial clock: 50 days; Initial bank: 50 days; Increment: 5 days with “guaranteed time” (GT).


3.7 With whom can I discuss or report any ICCF-CL related issues or problems?

Only the Team Captain can contact the Tournament Director to report any problems or provide information on the progress of the team's games.

All requests will be answered promptly.

For suggestions or questions of a general nature, you can directly contact the NTTC.





4.1 What methods are used to calculate team scores?

The final score of each team will be obtained by adding the scores obtained by the individual players.

Results between teams will only be taken into consideration if a tie-break is required, as explained below.


4.2 What are the rules for promotions and relegations?

A Division

  • The teams in places 1-7 (after tie-breaks) will play in the A Division of CL11
  • The teams in places 8-15 (after tie-breaks) will be relegated to the B division of CL11

B Division

  • The teams in places 1-2 (after tie-breaks) will be promoted to the A division of CL11
  • The teams in places 3-7 (after tie-breaks) will play in the B division of CL11
  • The teams in places 8-13 (after tie-breaks) will be relegated to the C division of CL11

C Division

  • 24 teams will be promoted to the B division in CL11
  • All other teams will remain in the C division of CL11
  • The promoted teams will be chosen equally among the sections of C Division (if 6 sections, 4 per section; if 8 sections, 3 per section, etc.)


4.3 What are the rules used for the tie-breaks?

If two teams finish with the same total number of points, the ICCF Tournament Rules apply:

  1. results of matches between teams (2 points for a match won, 1 point for a match drawn)
  2. results of teams tied against each other
  3. best individual result on board 1 and, if necessary, on board 2, 3 or 4.


4.4 What happens if a place in a higher division becomes vacant due to an unused qualification?

If there is a vacant place in a division due to a team not entering, the vacant place will be awarded to a team that had played in the lower division of the CL 9, following these criteria:

  1. Team with the best place
  2. Team with the best score
  3. Drawing of lots


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