10th Chess 960 World Cup

Sunday, September 10, 2023: The Final starts on October, 10th - All the qualified players

The complete list of the qualified players:

SF1: Peter Jugl (GER)

SF2: Yuliya Tkachenko (UKR) & Oleg Nikolaevich Petrigin (CFR)

SF3: Christian Korn (GER - withdrew) & Paul Zejewski (GER)

SF4: Hans Lykke (DEN), Tibor Csiba (HUN) & Vladislav Hybl (CZE)

The best third: Alberto Pérez López (ESP) from SF3

The Final starts on the 10th of October 2023.


All the finalists can start the 13th Chess 960 World Cup from the Semifinals (starting approx. in the first half of  2025 - entry from 1/01/2024 to 29/02/2024).



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