ICCF Ratings System

Saturday, August 5, 2023: Update for Congress 2023

ICCF Congress in Glasgow, 2022 approved a major update to the ICCF ratings system. As player ratings pervade almost all aspects of the server database, and the way in which ratings are managed on the server will change significantly, this involves a major server update.

Because of the complex nature of this update, a significant testing programme of many of the server functions, as well as parallel testing of the arithmetic calculations with an independent system, is also required before we can confidently release the server update.

Since Glasgow, members of the Qualifications and Ratings Commission, and our professional consultant have been working hard to complete this work, including finalising, and agreeing the technical specifications, defining the testing schedule, and updating the test server.

We are now delighted to announce that we are in the final stages of the project, the new software has been installed on our test server, and we are already running test calculations using the new system.

We do not want to make a final announcement about an implementation date before we have some certainty, but it is not now out of the question that 2023/4 will use the new system.

A public announcement will be made here when this is finalised.

Austin Lockwood, ICCF Services Director

Uwe Staroske, ICCF Qualifications and Ratings Commissioner

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