ICCF World Cup 22

Sunday, July 16, 2023: has finished

The winner is SIM Dmitry Viktorovich Morozov (Russia is not a member of ICCF; therefore, Dmitry Viktorovich Morozov is a designated isolated player).

Seven players tied for 2nd place, because there was only one game which was not a draw.

The 22nd World Cup started on 2017-12-15 and finished on 2023-06-14, with the last result through adjudication recorded on 2023-07-13. The duration of the World Cup was 5 years 6 months and 28 days.

The competition was organized in three stages: preliminaries, semi-finals and the final.

The World Cup preliminaries began on 2017-12-15 with 871 entries from 52 countries in 67 server sections and ended on 2019-06-30.
The semi-finals were played from 2019-09-30 to 2021-04-1 with 135 players in 9 server sections.
The 9-player final of the World Cup took place from 2021-06-14 to 2023-06-14. Few days ago (2023-07-13) the last game ended through adjudication and all results are known.

The winner of the world cup is, for the first time, SIM Dmitry Viktorovich Morozov scoring 4½ points out of 8 games (wins=1 SB=17.5); After finishing 2nd in World Cup 20, Dimitry now can call himself a World Cup winner.

We started with 3 GM, 41 SIM, 52 IM, 7 LGM, 33 CCM, and 48 CCE, and finished with a SIM being declared the World Cup winner.

I would like to thank all TDs from this tournament!

Joop Jansen,
Tournament Organiser,
Delegate of the Netherlands

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