Participants ICCF Congress 2023 Amsterdam

ICCF Congress 2023

Participants ICCF Congress 2023




 NED Joop Jansen ICCF National Delegate for the Netherlands
 NED Marian Jansen Accompanying Person
 NED Wim van Vugt Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Roelie Wilms Accompanying Person
 NED Jan Vosselman Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Joice Vosselman Accompanying Person
 NED Henk van den Bos Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Jan Bart van Daatselaar Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Arjen Oudheusden Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Simone Boitelle-Oudheusden Accompanying Person
 NED Gert Jan Timmerman Member of the Dutch Federation,
World Champion 15th Final
 NED Ron Langeveld Member of the Dutch Federation,
World Champion 26th and 31st Final
 NED Nel van 't Riet Accompanying Person
 NED Ferry Lunek Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Dineke Lunek-Hoogerdijk Accompanying Person
 NED Erik van Dijk Member of the Dutch Federation
 NED Jaap van den Herik Professor Dr. of Computer Science
 NED Hans Pees Chair Digital Game Technology (DGT)
 NED Paul van der Sterren Chair Max Euwe Centrum (MEC)
 BUL Petyo Marinov ICCF National Delegate of Bulgaria
 BUL Dani Marinov Accompanying Person
 CAN Valer-Eugen Demian Delegate Designee for Canada
 CAN Felicia Costea Accompanying Person
 CZE Josef Mrkvička ICCF National Delegate for Czech Republic
 CZE Alena Mrkvičková Member of the Czech Federation
 FIN Heikki Arppi Delegate Designee for Finland
 FIN Maija Arppi Accompanying Person
 FRA Eric Ruch ICCF National Delegate for France,
proxy for Israel and ICCF President
 ENG Phillip Beckett ICCF National Delegate for England
 ENG Catherine Beckett Accompanying Person
 ENG Richard Hall Member of the English Federation
 GER Hans-Dieter Wunderlich Member of the German Federation
 GER Steffi Scheu Accompanying Person
 GER Matthias Kribben Member of the German Federation
 GER Roland del Rio Member of the German Federation
 GER Stephan Busemann Delegate Designee for Germany
 GER Monika Rüter-Busemann Accompanying Person
 GER Robert Bauer Member of the German Federation
 GER Rejane Aparecida Santi Accompanying Person
 GER Robert von Weizsäcker Member of the German Federation
 GER Piroschka Dossi Accompanying Person
 GER Jörg Kracht ICCF Non-Title Tournament Commissioner
 GER Uwe Staroske ICCF Qualifications and Ratings Commissioner
 HUN Tibor Csiba Delegate Designee for Hungary
 INA Yoshua Sitorus ICCF National Delegate for Indonesia
 INA Verawaty Barimbing Accompanying Person
 ITA Luz Marina Tinjacá Ramirez  Delegate Designee for Italy
 LAT Artis Gaujens ICCF National Delegate for Latvia
 LAT Maigonis Avotinš Member of the Latvian Federation
 LTU Alfonsas Kupšys Delegate Designee for Lithuania
 LTU Algina Kupšienė Accompanying Person
 LTU Marijonas Ročius Member of the Lithuanian Federation
 LTU Alma Ročienė Accompanying Person
 LTU Kristijonas Ročius Accompanying Person
 LTU Valdonė Ročiutė Accompanying Person
 LUX Thed Klauner ICCF National Delegate for Luxembourg
 LUX Marie-Paule Klauner-Wenner Accompanying Person
 LUX Jean-Marie Weber Member of the Luxembourg Federation
 LUX Ofelia Weber Accompanying Person
 LUX Frank Obertin Member of the Luxembourg Federation
 LUX Monique Obertin Accompanying Person
 PHI Arthur Simplina ICCF National Delegate for the Philippines
 PHI Elisa Simplina Accompanying Person
 PHI Willem Laurente Cua Accompanying Person
 PHI Riqueza Galura Cua Accompanying Person
 PHI Raphael Jonathan Cua Accompanying Person
 POL Mariusz Wojnar ICCF National Delegate for Poland
 RSA Dinand Knol ICCF National Delegate for South Africa,
proxy for India
 RSA Hannie Knol Accompanying Person
 SLO Marjan Šemrl ICCF National Delegate for Slovenia,
World Champion 24th Final
 SWE Per Söderberg ICCF National Delegate for Sweden,
Honorary Member
 SWE Mats Larsson Member of the Swedish Federation
 UKR Yuriy Koshmak Member of the Ukrainian Federation
 UKR Nina Koshmak Accompanying Person
 UKR Peter Martsun Accompanying Person
 UKR Tamara Martsun Accompanying Person
 USA Michael Millstone ICCF General Secretary
 USA Jason Bokar ICCF National Delegate for the USA
 USA Jon Edwards Member of the USA Federation,
World Champion 32th Final
 USA Cheryl Edwards Accompanying Person
 USA Dennis Doren ICCF Rules Commissioner
 USA Patricia van Dyke Accompanying Person
 WLS Austin Lockwood ICCF Services Director
 WLS Alice Lockwood Accompanying Person
 WLS Russell Sherwood ICCF National Delegate for Wales
 WLS Helen Sherwood Member of the Welsh Federation
 WLS Alexander Sherwood Member of the Welsh Federation
 WLS Ellie Sherwood Accompanying Person
 WLS Paul Scott ICCF Auditor


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