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Wednesday, November 30, 2022: semi-finals started

Dear Chessfriends,
Last week the start letters were sent - and the games can now start!
There are 13 Semi-Final groups, and the winner of each Semi-Final group and any tied players after tie break rules (number of wins, then SB) are applied will qualify to play in the Final. The best runners-up may qualify for the Final depending on the results from all Semi-Final groups.
The winner of each Semi-Final group will receive a prize of 50 Euros. In the event of players scoring equal points in first place, this prize will be shared.
All prizes will be distributed at the conclusion of all Semi-Final groups of this tournament.
Some information about the tournament:
We have 195 participants from 41 countries. The average rating is 2336.
The average score of the groups is between 2331 and 2341 (Category 4: 2326 – 2350 ELO).
Amici sumus
Jörg Kracht, NTTC

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