DE 15th Webserver Anniversary

Thursday, October 6, 2022: Semifinals start - 01.12.2022; qualifiers are to register

Dear friends,

the Preliminary round has ended successfully!

From the 55 groups, 214 qualifications for the Semifinals have  resulted. After cleaning up (a player is only allowed to start 2 times in the Semifinals) 207 participants remain. This means that we will play with 14 groups of 15 players (total 210 players) in the Semifinals.

Continue planning:

Start Semifinals - 01.12.2022
Triple Block system for a 550 day event, 
with 75 days initial bank and 3 days increment for the first 50 moves.
The group winners alone qualify for the final - only once, of course. 
The winner of each Semifinal group will receive a prize of 50 Euros.
the case of players scoring equal points in the first place, this prize will be shared.

I will create the Semifinals on the server with free entry. So the qualified players can register themselves (see server "New events").
The best placed 4th and therefore also qualified players will receive a seperate invitation from me.

Amici sumus
Best regards
Jörg Kracht


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