8th Webchess Open Tournament preleminaries

Tuesday, September 6, 2022: - launched

Dear Chessfriends,
the starting letters have been sent - the games can start on time!

1st placed player (and any tied players after tie breaks applied) will qualify for the Semi Final Round.
Some 2nd placed players may qualify for the Semi-Final depending on overall results and numbers. No player will qualify for more than two ​semi-final groups.

The winner of each Preliminaries group will receive a voucher for 20 Euros.

Some information about the tournament:
We have received 945 registrations from participants from 51 countries. The average rating is 2107. Many thanks to all participants for their registrations!
It is played in 135 groups with 7 players.

I would also like to thank the following TD's for their willingness to serve:

  • Csiba, Tibor
  • Schirmer, Michael
  • Petrov, Milen
  • Berclaz, Philippe
  • Simal Moreira, Leonardo
  • Caron, Sérgio Valladares
  • Borges, João Luiz Montezuma
  • Hernández Martínez, Jerónimo
  • Castillo Dieguez, Roberto Yoan
  • Simplina, Arthur
  • Blake, Michael J.
  • Agaciński, Tadeusz
  • Rhodes, John
  • Valencia Ciordia, José A.
  • Lunek, Ferry A.
  • Lindegaard, Peter
  • Böhnke, Hartmut
  • Puzanov, Vasyl
  • Ilzig, Gerhard Gunther
  • Green, Michael

Now it only remains for me to wish all chess friends much joy and success in their games!

Amici sumus,
Jörg Kracht, NTTC

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