ICCF Lockdown Open final

Saturday, June 4, 2022: has been launched

The ICCF Lockdown Open was arranged by the Executive Board in response to significantly increased server activity during the international Covid-19 lockdown and in honour of all chess players who have succumbed to this terrible disease.

All entry fees from the tournament were donated for Covid-19 research. In addition, all Member Federations (except one) generously donated their ICCF Direct Entry rebate to the cause. As a result, on behalf of ICCF, President Eric Ruch made a donation of $3,750 (USD) to the World Health Organisation CODIV-19 response.


The preliminaries started on 30.06.2020 in 8 preliminary groups, 656 entries in total, and were completed on 24.05.2022 as expected within two years, 72 qualified players from 31 different countries (1 GM; 2 SIM; 11 IM; 39 CCM; 11 CCE) will now compete in the final.

The tournament is played with the Silli system over a distance of 12 games and the starting numbers have been determined by drawing lots.

The time control is Triple Block “650” with 75 days initial bank and 4 days increment for the first 50 moves; guaranteed time (3 days) will be deployed after the first 50 moves.

Tournament is cat.4, average rating: 2332.

Official start-date: 15.06.2022. TD: Michael Schirmer (GER).

The winner and first two runners up of the final will be presented with medals and certificates.


Good luck and good chess to all players!

Austin Lockwood & Mariusz Wojnar, TO

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