10th Chess 960 World Cup - Semifinals

Monday, May 16, 2022: All preliminary sections are now complete with the qualified players!

These are the qualified players:

1: Burzhanetskaya (UKR) & Lykke (DEN)

2: Zejewski (GER) & Petrigin (CFR)

3: Pérez Lopez (CUB) & Csiba (HUN)

4: Csiba (HUN) & Lemke (GER)

5: Korn (GER) & Simonov (CFR)

6: Lukas (GER) & Zemlyanov (CFR - Suspended)

7: Krawczyk (POL) & Jugl (GER)

8: Carvaga (SVK), Kuna (GER) & Tkachenko I. (UKR)

9: Ristea (ROU) & Ponomarev (CFR)

10: Ristea (ROU) & Sodomski (POL)

11: David-Bordier (FRA), Jung (GER) & Fortune (USA - Suspended)

12: Fuchs (GER) & Dyshkant (CFR)

The best third: Korovnik (UKR) from Section 9 (7,5/10)

Qualified directly for the Semifinals as finalist of the 7th Chess960 WC: Morozov (CFR); as highest ELO in the preliminary round: Hybl (CZE) & Tkachenko Y. (UKR).

The Semifinals start on the 10th of June 2022 with four sections of seven players

Qualification for the final: the winner and the runner-up of each section.




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