9th Chess 960 World Cup

Saturday, May 14, 2022: The Final starts on June, 5th - All the qualified players

The complete list of the qualified players:

SF1: Aleksey Borisovich Voll (CFR) & Dmitry Viktorovich Morozov (CFR)

SF2: Igor Korovnik (UKR), Antonio Sanchez Rodenas (ESP) & Evgeny Georgievich Tsygankov (CFR)* 

SF3: Evgeny Kostantinovich Filin (CFR)* & Vladimir Vladimirovich Dobroselskiy (CFR)

SF4: Viktor Aleksandrovich Pavlov (CFR) & Daniel Weber-Widmer (SUI)

* Withdrew the tournament

The best third: Norbert Lukas (GER) from Semifinal 1 (8,5/14)

The Final starts on the 5th of June 2022.


All the finalists can start the 12th Chess 960 World Cup from the Semifinals (starting approx. in the first half of  2024 - entry from 1/01/2023 to 28/02/2023).

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