ICCF - Executive Board Meeting - Part II

Monday, March 7, 2022: Saturday, March 5, 2022: Executive Board Meeting, Results, and Actions - Part II


Dear ICCF Delegates, Officials, and Friends,

The Executive Board (EB) and Management Committee (MC) members met today for more than 4-hours to discuss various issues. Decisions and actions resulting from the meeting are below.

Removal of Russian and Belarusian National Flags from the ICCF Website

1.     Effective immediately, the flags of Russian and Belarusian players/teams will be removed and replaced with a generic ICCF logo flag. A majority of the EB members voted FOR this action.

International Tournament Cessation for Russia and Belarus

2.     Effective immediately and until the regular scheduled Congress in Glasgow in August, federations from Russia and Belarus are prohibited from organising international tournaments by invitation. However, as allowed under ICCF rules, they will be allowed to organize (a) national, (b) friendly, and (c) unrated tournaments. The EB was unanimous in this decision.

The Extraordinary Congress to be conducted in the April/May timeframe will consider proposals from ICCF officials and delegates regarding further actions for ICCF Russian and Belarusian players and federations.

Discontinue Contract with Russian company Convekta for 7-Piece Tablebases

3.     Effective immediately, the agreement between ICCF and the owners of the Lomonosov Tablebases has been discontinued. Adopted by a majority of the EB members.

Extraordinary Congress Details

4.     The timeline and actions required to host the Extraordinary Congress should be published shortly.


With kindest regards and good wishes,

Amici Sumus,



Eric Ruch

ICCF President



Michael Millstone

ICCF General Secretary




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