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Sunday, February 27, 2022: ...


A message from ICCF President, Eric Ruch

Dear Chessfriends,

In these difficult times, our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all Ukrainian chess friends hoping that they are safe and that the war will end soon.

On behalf of ICCF, I have sent a message to Georgy Goncharenko, National Delegate of the Ukrainian Correspondence Chess Federation, to express our support and friendship. At his request, ICCF has stopped the clocks of all the Ukrainian players, who needed all their time to focus all their attention and energy on the safety of their family and friends. We hope that they will restart their games as soon as possible.

The aim of ICCF and correspondence chess is to reinforce the links and the friendship between all players worldwide, regardless of their origin, the colour of skin, religion,...  

These are sad days for humanity, but we will continue to send our moves to everyone ready to listen to a message of peace and friendship, and we will exclude nobody, as we are all friends.


Eric Ruch 

ICCF President


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