ICCF Swiss System - KO Tournament Announcement

Sunday, January 23, 2022: New Tournament Announcement....

The International Correspondence Chess Federation

announces the first

ICCF Swiss System - KO Tournament

 sponsored by Opening Master


The tournament will be played by server and organized in three or four stages.


Round 1: Groups of 11 (if necessary 13) players. All groups will have an approximately equal average rating. All players who score more than 50% of the possible points will promote to the next round.

Round 2 – Round 4:   After each round, a ranking list of all qualified players (> 50% score in the current round) will be created according to the following criteria:

1.        The highest percentage points

2.        The highest percentage wins

3.        The highest percentage wins with black

4.        The lowest rating

The first 11 (13) players on the list form group 1 for the next round, the next 11 (13) group 2, and so forth.   The accumulated points achieved in the previous rounds will be used to calculate a player's place in the list (but the > 50% in the current round is still a requirement for promotion).

The tournament will be restricted to a maximum of 4 rounds. The tournament winner will be the player with the highest accumulated score (percent) across all 4 rounds. If less than 22 Players remain for the 4th round, the tournament winner will be determined according to the scores after round 3.

Reflection Time:

Triple Block each round: Duration: 500 days; Initial Clock: 50 days; Initial Bank: 50 days; Increment: 3 days, without guaranteed time.

Entry Fee:

9,36 €   Multiple entries are not possible!

Players may enter in the usual way through the ICCF Server Entry System via https://www.iccf.com/EventsAnnouncements.aspx


From round 2 onwards, title norms will be available where appropriate.

Registration deadline: 10/3/2022

Start date:  31/03/2022


In the first round, the winner of each group (after tie-break if necessary and if here also equal the player with the lowest rating) will receive a 1-year license for Opening Master's GOLEM database (30 million games and quarterly updates current market price 99 Euro).

After the last round, the best 3 players in the final standings will receive a medal and a certificate.

Member Federations are asked to give the tournament wide publicity to all their players.

Please contact TO Mike Green (mike_green@t-online.de) if you have any questions.

                          Frank Geider                        Jörg Kracht                          Mike Green

                World Tournament Director               NTTC                     Tournament Organizer

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