Final of the 19th Olympiad

Thursday, October 14, 2021: finished

The Final of the 19th ICCF Olympiad, probably the last one played by post, is finally over.

24 national teams, divided into 3 sections, started the Preliminaries on 10/03/2011 (!!!). The Final was started on 20/06/2016 by 13 teams.

Bulgaria won the Final with 27 points and achieved the ICCF Olympic title for the first time; their best result in the past was the silver medal obtained 45 years ago at the 7th Olympiad. The 19th Olympic champions are GM Nikolai Ninov, GM Valentin Dimitrov Iotov, SIM Simeon Vinchev and SIM Krasimir Bochev.

Three teams shared the second place with 26.5 points. The silver medal went to Germany for their best "team result" (16 points).

Both Poland and the Czech Republic had the same team result (15 points) and a draw against each other; so it was necessary to look at the results of their players on the first board: the Polish player had a better S.B. rather than the Czech and therefore the bronze medal will be awarded to Poland.

Congratulations to the medalled teams and also to the others who fought in the final (Switzerland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Sweden and Latvia).

The 19th Olympiad (both the Preliminaries and the Final) was directed by IA Thed Klauner (LUX). A big “thank you” to him, because he has had to face very though situations for more than 10 years: postal tournaments are certainly more difficult to conduct than server tournaments!


Gian-Maria Tani

Title Tournament Commissioner

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