Champions League 9 Announcement

Wednesday, July 14, 2021: we are ready for registrations!

Champions League 9


ICCF is proud to announce ICCF Champion's League 9.

The ICCF Champion's League is a Team event for Teams of 4 players.


Three divisions are utilised:

Champion's League - A Division

Champion's League - B Division

Champion's League - C Division


The 3 division’s will be organised as follows:

A division: 1 section, 15 teams

B division: 4 sections, 13 teams per section

C division: 4 or more sections,  teams per section according to the registrations


Games are rated and where all necessary requirements are met, title norms may be possible.



Entries will be accepted from 15.07.2021 through 30.09.2021. A start date is planned for 01.11.2021.


Time Control

Triple Block (TriBl) system.

Duration of Tournament: 700 days (about 2 years); Initial Clock: 50 days; Initial Bank: 50 days; Increment: 5 days (with "guaranteed time").


Entry Method

Rating List 2021/4 will be used for CL9.

For an entry to be accepted, complete details must have been provided and required payment made.

Entries may be made via Direct Entry (DE) on ICCF.com.

All registrations (DE and MF) should be sent via the server, not directly to the TO.

Entries must be for full teams - Individuals may not enter!



Regular updates will be posted at ICCF.com



The FAQ document should answer any questions. If you have any questions not answered within, please contact Jörg Kracht at nttc@iccf.com


Promotion and Relegation for CL9

A Division

Places 1-7 (after tie breaks resolved) remain in the A Division in CL10

Places 8-15 (after tie breaks resolved) are related to the B division in CL10


B Division

Places 1-2 (after tie breaks resolved) are promoted to A division in CL10

Places 3-7 (after tie breaks resolved) remain in the B division in CL10

Places 8-13 (after tie breaks resolved) are relegated to the C division in CL10


C Division

24 Teams will qualify for B division in CL10. These teams will be taken equally from the C Division - so if 6 Groups, 4 per group, if 8 Groups, 3 per group, etc.

!! Promotion and relegation rules may change based on the number of entries. Any change will be confirmed once the closing date for entries is reached.


Amici sumus.

Best regards

Jörg Kracht, NTTC

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