Nol van't Riet Team Tournament - Update

Tuesday, June 29, 2021: The tournament just started - some statistics and information.

Nol van't Riet Team Tournament


The tournament has started on 27.06.2021.

In memory of Nol van't Riet: a tireless worker for both the ICCF and the NBC!

A total of 39 teams (new entry record) entered the event.

The semifinal round will see the teams compete in 4 groups of 8 teams and 1 group of 7 teams.

Group 1 – TD Quanzaah, Emmanuel (GHA)


Group 2 – TD  Vliet, Erik van (NED)


Group 3 - TD Smith, Andrew (WLS)


Group 4 – TD Puzanov, Vasyl (UKR)


Group 5 - TD Schirmer, Michael (GER)



Qualification to Final

The final will consist of 13 teams. The top two teams will qualify from each group. The best three percentage scoring 3rd place teams from all groups will also qualify, with standard board points team tiebreaking rules to be applied, if required.

I wish all the players and teams’ success and enjoyment of the games!

Amici sumus,

Jörg Kracht

Nontitle Tournament Commissioner

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