ICCF Hall of Fame Nominations

Thursday, June 24, 2021: are sought.....

Dear ICCF Delegates,Officials and Players,


ICCF is looking for nominations for individuals to join the ICCF Hall of Fame.



To be considered for inclusion, the nominated individuals should have made exceptional contributions to ICCF, either as players and/or officials.


Nominations with supporting arguments should be sent to Russell Sherwood, ICCF Marketing Director (Leanthinker@hotmail.co.uk), and a copy to Michael Millstone, ICCF General Secretary (dr.millstone@gmail.com) for consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee by 11.07.2021.

Players - should you have a suggested candidate please contact your National Federation or Zonal Director (in the case of isolated players)

We will contact the nominating person to collaborate with ICCF in preparing materials for presentation on the ICCF webserver.


Russell Sherwood

ICCF Marketing Director


Michael Millstone

ICCF General Secretary


Eric Ruch

ICCF President


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