ICCF World Cup 21 finished – the winner is GM Matthias Gleichmann (GER) ...

Tuesday, February 23, 2021: ..., the silver medalist SIM Wojciech Krzyżanowski (POL) & the bronze medalist IM Ivan Ivec (CRO)!

Organizer of the 21st World Cup played through the server was Poland, and on its behalf Mariusz Wojnar (POL).

This is the fifth edition of the World Cup organized by Poland. The previous four editions (3, 6, 7 and 18) covered 7,066 (sic!) entries. It is worth mentioning that Poland is organizing the World Cup for the sixth time – the edition on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of ICCF – which started on 2021-02-15!

The 21st World Cup started on 2015-10-01 and finished on 2021-02-16. The duration of the World Cup was 5 years 4 months and 15 days.

The competition was organized in three stages: preliminaries, semi-finals and the final.

The World Cup preliminaries began on 2015-10-01 with 928 entries (718 players from 52 countries) in 72 server sections and ended on 2017-11-09. The semi-finals were played from 2017-06-30 to 2019-04-18 with 143 players in 11 server sections. The 13-player final of the World Cup took place from 2019-06-30 to 2021-02-16. Few days ago (2021-02-16) the last game ended and all results are known.

The winner of the world cup is, for the third timeGM Matthias Gleichmann (GER), scoring 8.0 points out of 12 games (wins=4 SB=45.50); he also fulfilled GM norm (GM=8) thus confirming his very high level.

The silver medalist is SIM Wojciech Krzyżanowski (POL), with 7.0 points (wins=2 SB=40.50). Previously, an identical result of 7.0/12 gave him only 8th place in the 19th World Cup. This proves a very even level of games at the highest level.

The bronze medalist is IM Ivan Ivec (CRO) with 6.5 points (wins=1 SB=38.50).

The undisputed record holder in the number of victories in the World Cup is GM Reinhard Moll (GER) with 5 victories!

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