Canadian Correspondence Chess Association 100th Anniversary - Tournament Announcement

Thursday, February 4, 2021: To celebrate the CCCA’s (Canadian Correspondence Chess Association) 100th Anniversary this year, 2021, the CCCA is proud to announce the CCCA-100 International Open.

CCCA-100 International Open

To celebrate the CCCA’s (Canadian Correspondence Chess Association) 100th Anniversary this year, 2021, the CCCA is proud to announce the CCCA-100 International Open.
To read a brief on-line history article on correspondence chess in Canada and of the CCCA please go to https://www.iccf.com/country?country=CAN
This event will be a server event played on the ICCF webserver. It is open to all players from all countries around the world regardless of rating.
Structure: There will be two rounds, the Preliminaries, and the Final. The format will be either a round-robin with multiple sections or a Silli depending upon the number of entries; if the number of entries exceeds 165, then there will be one Silli section.

Preliminaries: Round Robin Format: The number of players expected per section will be 11. Sections winners advance to the Final round. Baumbach tie-break system to determine first place.

Silli format: Top 15 advancing to the Final. Buchholz tie-break system used.
Official Start Date: Expected 1 June 2021.
Final: Expected number of players will be 15.
Official Start date: Expected 1 September 2022.
Time Control: 10/50

Tablebase: 7 piece claims allowed
Conditionals will be allowed
Vacation Time: 45 Days per calendar year
Live viewing of Games, with 5 move delay.
Prize Fund
A total prize fund of $2,000 in Canadian dollars will be guaranteed as follows in the Final round:
1st place: $600
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $400
There will be additional prizes for the lowest-rated player with the best result, $250. And the best game played prize of $250. The best game prize will be split 50-50 between White and Black. Submissions for this prize should be done by the participating players. The limit is one game (the best one) per player.
Entry fee per section: $25 for CCCA members. $40 for all other players. In Canadian funds. Players can enter more than one preliminary round section, but can only advance to the Final from 1 preliminary section.
How to enter (Registration): By Paypal to Manny Migicovsky using the email address: cccapp@cogeco.ca Please add $1 (minimum) if you are a CCCA member paying $25.
All others, please add $1.60 (minimum). So the entries fees will be $26 for CCCA members for one section. $41.60 for all others for one section entry. For multiple entries add 4% Exp. For CCCA members, 2 sections: $25 x 2 = $50; additional fee $2. Total $52. For all others, 2 sections: $40 x 2 = $80; additional fee $3.20. Total $83.20. And so on.
* For CCCA members ONLY there will be the option of paying the entry fee via Etransfer. And this will be to Ralph Marconi using marconi@intermonde.net
* Please include your full name and ICCF ID#.  And send to Ralph Marconi, marconi@intermonde.net
The closing date for entry into the preliminaries is 20 April 2021
Tournament Organizer
Ralph Marconi

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