Server Development - Player Features

Tuesday, September 8, 2020: your change to input

Dear ICCF Players

We are looking for your help!

ICCF are looking to focus server development on the player experience this year and we want this to reflect the wishes of the majority of players.

We are developing a list of potential improvements and developments and would like your input. 

What would you like to see different on the ICCF Server? What changes would you like to see make your chess playing experience more enjoyable?

If you have any ideas please reply to this email!

Following initial review of suggestions, we will consolidate the best and present them for consultation with the playerbase to identify the ones to move forward with.

Note this development is about server features only! Anything regarding rules changes or general likes/dislikes (e.g. Time Controls) should be communicated to your National Delegate

If you wish to input please respond by 27th September 2020 to Russell Sherwood at leanthinker@hotmail.co.uk



Russell Sherwood                                          Austin Lockwood

ICCF Marketing Director                                ICCF Services Director


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