ICCF - Midterm Election

Monday, May 11, 2020: Nominations are invited from respective Member Federations for the following position: Finance Director

General Secretary: Michael Millstone
E-Mail: dr.millstone@gmail.com
Dear ICCF Delegates and Officials
May 11, 2020
According to ICCF Statute 22(1), and the ICCF Voting Regulations and Electoral Procedures, paragraph 5, the following procedures and timescale will apply for mid-term appointments to the ICCF Executive Board.
1. Nominations are invited from respective Member Federations for the following position:
Finance Director
It is the right of each member federation to nominate candidates for the above position, providing that:
1. The nominee is a current member of their Federation (which must be a full ICCF Member Federation), and
2. The nominee has confirmed his or her willingness to be nominated.
Nominations from Member Federations should be sent to the General Secretary, Michael Millstone (dr.millstone@gmail.com), and copy to the ICCF Auditor, Paul Scott (paul.scott@gmx.co.uk), to reach him no later than June 30, 2020.
Each nomination should include a written declaration from the candidate indicating his or her willingness to be nominated, along with a personal statement (optional) providing information in support of his or her candidacy.
When all nominations have been received, the information will be issued to all member federations before July 14, 2020, to enable them to consider all the candidates and decide upon voting preferences.
The election will begin July 18, 2020, and continue until July 31, 2020, 23:59 GMT.
If a second election is required, the election will begin August 4, 2020, and continue until August 11, 2020, at 23:59 GMT.
A candidate receiving more than 50% of the votes cast will automatically be declared elected.
The announcement of the winner will take place immediately after the election, and because the position is vacant, the winner will assume the position immediately.
If no nomination is received from the Member Federations for any Executive Board or Auditor position, the Executive Board will be empowered to appoint an Official.
Personal statements of candidates should not be published in commercial magazines/internet sites, etc. until after they have all been circulated by ICCF to the official delegates of member federations (as below).
Election campaigning/soliciting for votes, etc. should not take place until after the complete list of candidates, accompanied by their personal statements, have been officially released by ICCF, as is indicated above.
Michael Millstone
ICCF General Secretary

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