IV Argentine Cup - 75° Anniversary

Thursday, March 26, 2020: registration opens.....

The Argentine Correspondence Chess Federation (LADAC) are pleased to announce the 
IV Argentine Cup - 75° Anniversary
Correspondence chess players of all levels from all countries of the world are warmly invited to participate.
Three rounds, consisting of:
Start date 30th June 2020
Each group will have 7-9 players
Entries via PayPal directly to the National Federation and multiples entries allowed.
Only first place advances to the Semi-finals. 
Fees: 10 €  
Will start as soon as the qualifiers are determined
11-13 players
ICCF titles and norms are possible.
Players rated 2200 or higher may register to semi-finals directly and will pay 20 €. 
Winner only advances to Final. 
Only one qualification per player for the Final.
If a player qualifies for the Final in two or more groups, his better qualification will be considered and in the others groups the second will qualify
Will start as soon as the qualifiers are determined  
13 players
ICCF titles and norms are possible.
Prizes: 1° 500 €
            2° 300 €
            3° 200 €  
All prizes will be paid out via PayPal
Each round will be played on the ICCF webserver.
Rate of play: Standard 50 days/10 moves with duplication after 20 days    
The winner of each stage will qualify directly for the next stage; a number of runners up will also qualify to fill any vacancies, depending on the number of entries.
(a) number of wins by each tied player in the tournament (the Baumbach tie-breaking system) 
(b) if after “a” the tie persist, then the points evaluation by the Sonneborn-Berger System, 
(c) if after “b” the tie persists, then the results of the tied players against each other.   
(d) if after "c" the tie persists, then the player with the lower rating at the beginning of the stage will qualify
Entry Fee
Multiple entries are allowed in Preliminaries and Semi-Finals
Preliminaries : 10 €
Semi-Finals for players with 2200 or more  20 € 
Special offer: If you register in five preliminary sections, the sixth one is free.
For players with Elo 2200 o more:If you register in five semi-finals sections, the sixth one is free.
How to Enter  
Entries by PayPal to  jorgedeforelchess@gmail.com
Send your details (ICCF ID, Surname and Name) to jorgedeforel@yahoo.com.ar  
Closing date for entries in the preliminaries : 10th June 2020.
Tournament website : https://www.cadapzona2.com/  

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